First camera samples with the Galaxy Z Flip 6: here's how they look next to the Galaxy Z Flip 5 and S24 Ultra

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irst camera samples with the Galaxy Z Flip 6 are here, check them out
The Galaxy Z Flip 6 is coming with a new 50 MP camera, which, at least on paper, is better than the 12 MP one that the Flip 5 had. We took the phone for a quick spin to take some photos and see how much better (if at all) the camera is. We're also including here shots taken from our S24 Ultra and Galaxy Z Flip 5 to put things into perspective.

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First off, let's look at the main camera: the images are higher quality thanks to the new 50 MP sensor. We have more realistic colors overall. In most of the shots, the sky appears closer to your normal blue and not some extra-fancy vivid blue, which is good especially if you fancy a more natural look. In low light, things don't look too bad either (the shot with the cupcakes is our current low-light sample, we'll take more soon).

You can see on the images with the arcade machines that the reds and purples also look quite natural. The second photo of the arcades is especially challenging given the fact that we're taking a photo of darker objects against a light background. Yep, they do appear darker but not every detail is lost, which is a good thing for such a challenging photo.

Something I especially like are skin tones. Those appear more natural than the ones on the Flip 5.

Portrait mode also appears good with very good separation of the subject and a nice blurry background.

For reference, on the Z Flip 5 we have a bit more unnatural-looking colors (blues and greens primarily), more like the known Samsung look. Also, the Z Flip 5 has somewhat struggled with some of the nuances of skin tones (once they appear extra pinkish and other times, more yellow-ish that real life).

The ultra-wide on the Galaxy Z Flip 6 is the same as last year, so we don't have many noticeable differences from the Flip 5. We overall have beautiful colors and detail.

Z Flip 5's ultra-wide:

As you can see, we get similar colors and dynamic range.

S24 Ultra's ultra-wide:

And now, let's take a quick look at the zooming. Right off the bat, we should have some improvement thanks to the powers of generative AI (as the zoom camera itself isn't upgraded). The Galaxy Z Flip 6 can go up to 10x zoom with the help of generative AI to get rid of most of the noise, artifacts, and what have you. At higher zoom (10x for example) the images aren't perfect, but I think there's improvement in general.

Galaxy Z Flip 6 zoom levels:

Z Flip 5 zooming in:

Of course, the Galaxy S24 Ultra beats both of them, and it can reach further with its zoom prowess:

For now, that's all the camera samples we got. Do you like how the Flip 6 performs? Of course, we'll be doing a more in-depth look at the camera very soon, so drop by again to see even more photos from the foldable Z Flip 6.

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