The first beta version of Android 12L is out, but not for Samsung

The first beta version of Android 12L is out, but not for Samsung
In October, Google unveiled a version of Android 12 meant to be a better fit for today’s norm of larger phones and the rising popularity of foldable ones like the Galaxy Z Fold 3. The version is called Android 12L, and its main purpose is to make use of the larger screen real estate as much as possible.

The idea behind Android 12L is to bring a more intuitive multitasking experience. Folding phones will probably be the devices to benefit the most from this variation of Android 12, as it will bring a more fleshed-out overall look.

A good example of Android 12L is the new taskbar, which will live at the bottom of the screen, making switching between apps and working with multiple ones open easier. Moreover, a new layout of the lock and home screens will provide new functionality and easier navigation.

Today, on December 9th, Google has officially launched the first beta of Android 12L. To some surprise, however, the beta was not released for any of the Samsung devices that support it. Given that the South Korean-based tech giant is one of the main manufacturers of folding phones and large form-factor displays, this omission proves a bit peculiar.

For now, only a select number of Pixel smartphones have received the first beta version of Android 12L. In total, there will be three beta versions before the final release of the full OS. Interestingly, the Lenovo Tab P12 Pro will also be getting the Beta 1 soon, sometime in the upcoming weeks.

As things are right now, it seems unlikely that Samsung devices will get any of the beta variants of Android 12L. The only option left to Samsung users who want to try out the upcoming OS for large screens is waiting for the official release, which is said to arrive in early 2022.

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