The Galaxy S20 trio is here, which is your favorite model and what color would you go for?

The Galaxy S20 trio is here, which is your favorite model and what color would you go for?
The Galaxy S20 family is now officially here in all its glory. If you've missed the official announcements, catch up with the news from the links below:

We have plenty of articles around the S20 models for you to read, but here, you're the one that will do most of the work. Don't worry, we're not asking you to review the phones in the comment section, just to give your opinion in a couple of polls. 

First off, tell us which of the three Galaxy S20 phones you like the best and would buy (if you had to get one of them). 

Which Galaxy S20 model would you go for?

Galaxy S20 offers everything I want
Galaxy S20+ is the golden middle, that's where I'm at
Galaxy S20 Ultra, I need that Space Zoom!

Yes, the S20 and S20+ are fairly similar, as usual, but still, there are enough differences to warrant separate models. And the Ultra, well... it's something else, that's for sure. We completely understand why Samsung went for that name. But let's not get distracted!

So, you've chosen the model, you're halfway there. Now tell us which color catches your eye.

Which Galaxy S20 color is your favorite?

Cosmic Grey
Cloud Blue (S20 and S20+ only)
Cosmic Black (S20+ and S20 Ultra only)
Cloud Pink (S20 only)

We were hoping that the Galaxy S20 Ultra will get a unique color option, but alas, only gray and black. It's not like anyone will mistake it for another model, though, not with that thing on the back of it.

And that's it. Now you can go down to the comments and share with us why those were the choices you've made. 


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