Do you miss the “old” Samsung — plastic phones, removable batteries?

Do you miss the “old” Samsung — plastic phones, removable batteries
Ah, the flagship phone conundrum — does an expensive device need to look and feel expensive on the outside, while being powerful on the inside? For years on end, Samsung delivered top-tier hardware and features inside a plastic shell, providing users with such coveted things as a removable battery, IR blaster, and a handset that would bounce off of a tile floor without breaking. Now, Sammy handsets are like a shiny jewel — seamless, cold to the touch, clean and impressive-looking... but they are also quite fragile.

Of course, we have fans with very contrasting opinions here. Some believe that spending $700+ on a smartphone should give you that bling as well as the hardware underneath. Others cling to the old times, remembering the days of the Galaxy S5 with nostalgia and a tear in their eye.

You may remember that moment in time when Samsung flipped a switch and went from plastic phones to super-premium lifestyle gadgets in 6 months. The initiative was called Project Zero and was bourne out of Samsung seeing its numbers plummeting. The people want a premium-looking phone, the company thought. Thus, the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge came to be — made out of metal, glass, and looking like something straight from the future. They stripped features like a removable back and an SD card slot (the latter made a return with the S7 generation), which angered a lot of the die-hard fans. But, ultimately, Samsung stuck to its new industrial design concept and seems to be doing good with it.

It's been a while. Do you still miss the pre-Galaxy S6 features and looks or are you now a fan of the post-Project Zero Samsung products?

Do you miss old Samsung?

Yep... I still want a Galaxy Note 4 remastered edition!
Nope! The "post-S6 era" devices are so much cooler!

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