The 'delete Google Chrome browser' scare abuses security warnings

Google Mobile users urged to remove browser on security grounds
You might have noticed a bunch of ominous warnings to delete the Google Chrome browser in its mobile version popping up in news feeds lately, but don't go rushing  and uninstalling it just yet.

The reason behind the shocking titles to delete the Google Chrome browser on your phone or tablet is, needless to say, on security grounds. No, it's not the Chrome zero days exploits for which Google issued a warning last month as it is most likely been plugging them in the meantime.

The curent delete Chrome browser scare seems to originate from a security researcher tweet detailing how Google's mobile browser can tap into and use your phone's accelerometer for allegedly nefarious purposes. 

There is plenty of analysis what can be gleaned from having access to your phone's accelerometer for various mobile applications indeed, with the worst offenders being Facebook and its satellite messaging apps.

While initially warning about this potential security lapse regarding iPhone apps, the security researcher is now also warning Chrome users on Android that the mobile browser probes their accelerometer all the time:

The researcher doesn't outright say go and delete the Chrome browser on your phone, but rather shows how to disable the default accelerometer data sharing option. Needless to say, this has been made out to be more than it actually is, and warnings to delete the Google Chrome browser have been mushrooming over the weekend with little to no reason.

In short, instead of taking the radical step to delete your Google Chrome browser, you should simply go to its Settings > Site settings > Motion sensors menu, and turn off the default accelerometer data sharing if you are worried bad actors can misuse the option. 
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