These Dabbsson power stations have dropped to their best price ever through Amazon's ultra-rare deal

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These Dabbsson power stations dropped to their best price ever through Amazon's ultra-rare deal
While Jackery power stations, EcoFlow, and even Bluetti often go on sale at Amazon, Dabbsson’s products hardly ever see discounts. Fortunately, today’s not such a case! Quite extraordinarily, not one but two awesome Dabbsson power stations are on sale through Amazon’s Big Spring Sale at up to 37% off.

For a super limited time, you can get the Dabbsson DBS1300 1330Wh solar generator and save 25% on your purchase. The 25% markdown equates to $200 in savings, a price cut that lands the DBS1300 at its best price ever on Amazon. Those in need of more power can opt for the much larger DBS2300. This one also retails at its lowest-ever price, though for a brief moment, allowing you to get it at $580 (or 37%) off.

Dabbsson DBS1300: save $200 for a limited time

The Dabbsson DBS1300 is a portable power station with fast charging speeds and 12 ports. It has 1330Wh capacity that can be extended to 9460Wh. The station has a life cycle of more than 4,500 charges and is suitable as a UPS as well. The DBS1300 delivers 1200W safe and continuous output via four AC outlets. With P-Boost, you get a max output power of 1600W. Get yours at its best price on Amazon. The $200 discount will only last for a few more days.

Score $580 in savings on DBS2300 for a limited time

The Dabbsson DBS2300 is another fantastic choice that now arrives at deeply discounted prices. Right now, Amazon offers the station at 36% off for a super limited time. This station has five 2200W AC outlets, an Anderson output, and 9 more ports for all your equipment and essentials. The station can be used as a UPS with a switchover time of up to 15 ms. Like the DBS1300, this station has expandable capacity. Add two external batteries to get a maximum capacity of 8330Wh. Save 37% on your purchase now.

Once again, this is a time-sensitive deal that’ll probably last for just another few days. With their supreme build quality, an incredible life cycle of up to 15 years, and expandable capacity, these are some of the best portable power stations you can invest in. Let’s get into more detail to find out exactly how good they are, starting with the DBS1300.

It’s a 1330Wh battery with 12 ports that delivers continuous 1200W through four pure sine wave AC outlets. With P-Boost Mode, you get a maximum output of 1600W. Aside from the AC outlets, the station features four USB-A ports, three USB-C, a DC5521 output, and a car port.

With the DBS1300 alone, you can power up your phone 120 times or run a portable fridge for 20 hours. As mentioned, the station has an expandable capacity of up to 9460Wh. It also boasts impressive charging speeds. The AC charging alone delivers 80% of power in 44 minutes, and you can also use solar panels or the car charging option to juice back your DBS1300.

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Now, onto the larger-sized DBS2300. It's equipped with 15 ports, which include five 2200W AC outputs (3000W with P-Boost), one fast-charging USB-A and two 12W USB-A ports, three USB-C ports with 100W max, a car charger, an Anderson output, and a DC5521 output.

With the Anderson plug, you can even use it for your RV charging needs! With that much capacity, the station is suitable for 99% of home appliances. You can even use it as a UPS with a switchover time of up to 15 ms. Additionally, the DBS2300 has expandable capacity (up to 8330Wh with two extra batteries).

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