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Will Apple launch a budget version of the HomePod?

Will Apple launch a budget version of the HomePod
Apple joined the game of speakers just a month ago with its HomePod. It was different from most other smart speakers as it brought superior sound quality, but was not as smart due to the limitations of its built-in smart assistant – Siri. The HomePod also came with a pretty serious price tag of 349 bucks, making it one of the most expensive smart speakers on the market. However, Apple may be planning to release a less-expensive version of its tubular audio goodness later in 2018.

The new HomePod model might be priced between $150 and $200. For the lower price we might get lower sound quality than the first HomePod. Also, a smaller form-factor might be introduced, which actually is not a bad thing. Introducing a less-expensive HomePod model would indeed be a good move by the Cupertino company, as their speaker is way more expensive that those of its main competitors, Google and Amazon. Also, both companies have a budget version of their speakers, so why Apple shouldn't?

We've already heard some rumors about Apple planning to release budget versions for some of its products. A budget 6.1" iPhone might be on the horizon, as well as a lower-priced iPad and a budget-oriented MacBook. Nothing has been officially announced yet, so take the information with a grain of salt.

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