The best Samsung Galaxy S20, Plus and Ultra glass and film screen protectors

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The best Samung Galaxy S20, Plus and Ultra glass and film screen protectors
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The pre-installed Galaxy S20 Ultra screen protector, at least on our unit, behaves like an afterthought, as it already exhibits a small edge bubble and a few tiny but visible scratches. Pierced around their respective front camera punch hole(s), the protectors wrap like a glove around the slightly curved sides and can still be peeled it off in case they are badly scratched or damaged to be replaced if you so desire.

Just like the S10 models, the Galaxy S20 series has the same screen films pre-installed and the unprecedented move is not because Samsung wants to save you a few Benjamins, but because the second generation ultrasonic in-display finger scanner might have trouble working with third-party screen protectors.

Samsung is even warning that should the protector fulfill its duties and has to be retired, you should then only buy the same official protector that is authorized to work with the fingerprint reader instead of opting for a third-party one that might not work with the new biometry. 

The best Samsung Galaxy S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra screen protectors - glass or film:

  • Black Ice+ display protector by Gadget Guard ($50) - hybrid hard coated/flexible protector
  • Olixar Samsung Galaxy S20, Plus and Ultra tempered glass screen protector ($20) - a budget tempered glass solution
  • InvisibleShield VisionGuard+ ($45) and Ultra Clear+ ($30) - tough and eye-friendly, with antimicrobial coating
  • Olixar Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra film screen protector ($10) - the most affordable display protection for the S20
  • GoTo Tempered Curved Glass Screen Protector ($45) - easy tray installation

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GoTo Tempered Curved Glass Screen Protector With Sensor for Samsung Galaxy S20

The beauty of the GoTo screen cover for the Galaxy S20 family is that it comes with its own installation tray that makes slapping it on inherently easier for even the clumsier types. It's curved, it's tempered glass, and it fits nicely with the touch-sensing nature of the S20 series sides.

InvisibleShield Ultra VisionGuard+ and Ultra Clear+ Galaxy S20 screen protectors

InvisibleShield has been ready with its Galaxy S20, Plus or Ultra screen protectors ever since the keynote stage lights went down, and both its VisionGuard+ ($44.99) and Ultra Clear+ ($29.99) solutions are now in demand and out of stock, but you can still find them on Amazon.

They feature advanced clarity with a premium glass-like feel, shatter protection, and are infused with anti-microbial technology eliminating harmful critters on device screens (but not the coronavirus). In addition, the Self-Healing Nano-Memory Technology takes care of the looks that would otherwise be blemished with nicks and scratches as time passes.

Ultra VisionGuard+ for the Galaxy S20 series

  • The Ultra screen protector is stronger than ever for improved impact and shatter protection
  • Eyesafe technology protects against the damaging effects of exposure to high-energy visible blue light without changing the screen colors or peak resolution
  • Infused with anti-microbial bacteria-fighting technology that kills 99.99% of surface bacteria and germs
  • Unique surface finish features advanced clarity and premium glass-like feel
  • Self-Healing Nano-Memory Technology corrects minor scratches and dings

Ultra Clear+ for the Galaxy S20 series ($29.99)

  • Ultra-thin film screen protector providing edge-to-edge impact and shatter protection
  • Treated with anti-microbial properties that inhibit the growth of algae, mold, and mildew
  • Ultra high-definition clarity combines with a glass-like finish that feels like the smartphone’s own screen
  • Features Self-Healing Nano-Memory Technology scientifically formulated with smart molecules to heal minor scratches and dings

Olixar Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra film screen protector

If you want something more affordable, and film-based, the Olixar Invisible Protection pack will fill that need until the Koreans from GPEL finally get around to release a Galaxy S20 edition of their covers, at least.

The film has been custom cut for the Samsung Galaxy S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra, to keep them clear, scratch- and dirt-free. It's fairly easy to apply, though it won't offer the same protection as the tempered glass ones, but is still a pretty good budget solution.

Olixar Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra tempered glass screen protector

More expensive than the film ones above, Olixar's tempered glass screen protector for the Galaxy S20 family offer 9H hardness for scratch-free living, which can't be said for the stock protection that comes preinstalled on the S20 Ultra, for instance, with our unit already showing some minuscule scratches under direct light. At 0.26mm thickness, they are compatible with cases, as well as your touch and finger-scanning efforts.

Samsung Galaxy S20, Plus and Ultra Black Ice+ display protector by Gadget Guard

Made with a multi-layer protection in mind, the Black Ice+ ($49.99) screen protector features a silicon adhesive, hybrid flex layer, hardened coating, and nanotechnology protective layer. The hybrid approach means it is not as brittle and still harder than the regular protective film that comes on top of the S20 series that we found to be comparatively prone to dings as opposed to a tempered glass one. 

The another nice bonus of the Black Ice+ packet is that it comes with various degrees of warranty for the actual screen protected by it underneath. Add $10 to the regular $49.99 price, and Gadget Guard will pay $150 towards any accidental screen repair you might have incurred while carrying the Black Ice+ on top, or, at $69.99 total you will get $250 towards the eventual repair.

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