Best Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 cases in 2023: keep your phone protected

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Best Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 cases
Some things in life are meant to go together: peanut butter and jelly, marshmallows and dark chocolate, phones and protective cases... Okay, perhaps that last one won't quite send you into carbohydrate contentment, but in all seriousness, protecting an expensive phone with a good case is generally a smart move. And at $1800, the Galaxy Z Fold 4 is indeed a phone you would want to protect against accidental damage.

Here are the best Galaxy Z Fold 4 cases in 2023, summarized list:

The internet is brimming with phone cases, especially for a device by such a popular brand like Samsung. But there are some important things to consider when buying a new case for your Galaxy Z Fold 4.

First off, think about your budget. Price is an important aspect when purchasing anything, really – better determine what's your budget, so you don't end up overspending and face-palming yourself at the end of the month. However, buying a random low-quality case from the mall won't cut it either, especially for such an expensive phone! So, find the right balance when it comes to price.

Also, think about whether you need a rugged case (like if you're doing a lot of hiking, or if your work is a more extreme one and you plan to carry your phone around), or you can be just fine with a normal case. Then, you also need to think about style and looks. We've taken all these considerations (and others) into account when deciding on these cases. And the ones here are from reputable brands that we trust and love.

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Now, without further ado, let's jump into the best Galaxy Z Fold 4 cases available right now, starting with Samsung's options...

Slim Standing Cover for Galaxy Z Fold 4

Naturally, Samsung has its own range of official Galaxy Z Fold 4 cases, and we believe the Slim Standing Cover will prove popular. It may not be the slimmest in the world, but it comes with a built-in kickstand for enjoying content on that bigger, inner screen in comfort. The accessory itself is comprised of two halves – one covering the whole back of the phone and another surrounding the smaller, outer screen. It comes in two colors: Black and Sand.

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Slim Standing Cover for Galaxy Z Fold 4

With built-in kickstand. Comes in two colors: Black or Sand.

Leather Cover for Galaxy Z Fold 4

The look and feel of genuine leather are quite unique, and if it's the style you prefer, then Samsung's official leather case for the Galaxy Z Fold 4 may be just for you. It is light and reasonably slim too. Just bear in mind that leather cases tend to wear out quite noticeably over time, especially around the corners, though some folks do dig that aged, rough look. But nevertheless, an epic phone like the Z Fold 4 does deserve an epic case, don't you think?

Samsung official leather case for Galaxy Z Fold 4

Made of genuine leather. Available in black or gray.

Now, onto the best Galaxy Z Fold 4 clear cases, if that's what you would prefer!

Ringke Slim Galaxy Z Fold 4 case

If you're a fan of clear cases, here's one from Ringke. It is made of polycarbonate treated to resist the yellowing you normally get with cheaper transparent cases. It is also super thin and light, at just 14.8 grams and 1.2mm. The cool thing about this case is that, being clear, it will showcase the beautiful and eye-catchy design of the Z Fold 4 for everyone to see.

Ringke slim clear case for Galaxy Z Fold 4

A transparent, slim, lightweight case for the Z Fold 4 - 14.8 grams in weight and 1.2mm in thickness.

Spigen Ultra Hybrid Galaxy Z Fold 4 case

Alternatively, there's Spigen Ultra Hybrid case, which combines a transparent look with a decently reinforced construction. TPU bumpers provide protection against accidental drops, while raised lips lift the screen and camera off flat surfaces. On top of that, it has pronounced buttons which make it easy for you to press them, and large enough cutouts that will fit most cables.

Spigen Ultra Hybrid Galaxy Z Fold 4 case

Transparent case with reinforced corners and raised bezels for extra protection against scratches

kate spade new york Z Fold 4 case

If you still want a slim variant, but not an entirely clear case, the kate spade new york case for the Z Fold 4 is an excellent option. It complements your new phone's look with a beautiful and recognizable flower design. And, on top of that trendy design, this case is wireless charging compatible and has a shock-resistant bumper for protection.

Now, moving on to more rugged versions!

Spigen Tough Armor Galaxy Z Fold 4 case

If protection is of prime priority, check out the Spigen Tough Armor case for the Z Fold 4. It may not be cheap or pretty, but it is thick and rugged, certified to meet MIL-STD 810G-516.6 – a fancy way of saying that it has been tested to protect against consecutive drops on the faces, corners, and edges.

Spigen Tough Armor case for Galaxy Z Fold 4

Rugged Galaxy Z Fold 4 case with military-grade protection from accidental drops

The above has just run out of stock, and while Amazon does replenish its stocks quite often, you can get the Spigen Slim Armor Pro as an alternative if you don't want to wait:

Spigen Slim Armor Pro Z Fold 4 case

New edge protection technology to protect the hinge at all times

UAG Z Fold 4 Green Olive Civilian case for the Galaxy Z Fold 4

Another great rugged and protective option for your new Z Fold 4 is the Green Olive Civilian case from Urban Armor Gear (UAG). This case features a hinged one piece lightweight construction with an impact-resistant soft core and bumpers. It also has traction grip for you to securely hold your phone in your hands.

UAG Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 case

Rugged but ultra-lightweight case by Urban Armor Gear with military-grade protection against drops.

Incipio Grip case for Z Fold 4

Another protective option for your new Z Fold 4 is the Incipio Grip case. This case offers multi-directional grip so your new phone will have a really hard time of slipping from your hands (from all directions). This case also features Impact Struts protection, which reduces impact force, as well as raised bezels to protect the screen. On top of that, the Incipio Grip Z Fold 4 case is wireless charging compatible and has antimicrobial coating (to protect you from those germs!).

How to choose the best Galaxy Z Fold 4 case for you

Choosing a case that's just the right one for your new Z Fold 4 doesn't boil down to just what you like the most (although, your style and preferences also matter).

Here's what you should generally consider when buying a new case for your Z Fold 4:

  • Style - colors, design
  • Ruggedness - do you need an ultra-rugged case or a slightly less strong one?
  • Grip - how comfortable it is to hold your new phone

First off, let's talk about style. Some of the cases are more out-there in terms of design and colors, other are more minimalistic and focus on showcasing your phone. Generally, you should aim at something that inspires you when you look at it, and also, something you won't get sick of looking at every day for at least a few months.

Another aspect you should consider when going for a Z Fold 4 case is the level of protection the case offers. Rugged cases like the UAG one or Spigen's Tough Armor offer more protection than a simple clear case. But when you're thinking protection, note that you don't always need to get the most rugged case for your phone. This depends on how likely are you to drop your phone (that's only you who can tell for sure), and whether or not you tend to go hiking or do some other extreme activity with your phone on you (because it can fall out of your pocket, that is!).

And last but not least, foldable phones like the Z Fold 4 are not like a normal phone in terms of grip and comfort when you're holding it. Make sure you pick a case that helps you have a steady hold of your new phone (this again depends on your personal preference, and how you generally feel when holding this phone! People with small hands may be more likely to feel uncomfortable holding it)

Will Galaxy Z Fold 3 cases fit the Galaxy Z Fold 4?

No, cases for the Galaxy Z Fold 3 do not fit the Z Fold 4. The two phones may look very similar in shape in size, but their dimensions are different enough to make Fold 3 cases incompatible with the Fold 4. Don't bother trying. 

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