Best Galaxy Z Flip 4 cases in 2023: keep your device protected

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Best Galaxy Z Flip 4 cases
Samsung's 2022 Galaxy Z Flip 4 may have a successor now (the Z Flip 5), but is still one of the best foldable phones at the moment. The Flip 4 sports an eye-catching clamshell foldable design and gorgeous colors. The Galaxy Z Flip 4 is beautiful, eye-catching, simply put gorgeous but also, as you know... quite the expensive device. You wouldn't want to give a grand for this phone and not ensure its protected from the accidental drop with a good quality case, would you?

And yes, we know the internet has countless options for cases, especially for such a popular phone by a brand that's actually one of the leaders in the industry. But not everything on the internet can be described as 'high quality', as you may probably know. That's where we come in – in this article, we have the best Galaxy Z Flip 4 cases right now, from brands we trust and love.

Picking a case for your new phone is not always simple. There are many low-quality cases you can get online, and these won't last long before looking bad, and more importantly - won't protect your new Z Flip 4 as well as they should. That's why its important to consider the case's durability and build as it's main function is, after all, protection.

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And, with that being said, let's jump into the best Z Flip 4 cases that are available right now. We start with first-party cases.

Galaxy Z Flip 4 Flap Leather Cover from Samsung

A soft and luxurious material will make your Z Flip 4 look and feel premium, as it should. The Flap Leather case by Samsung is made of real calf leather, and enhances the sleek look of the clamshell foldable. It is available in three colors to match your new phone - Peach, Serene Purple, and Black. On top of that, it guards the Z Flip 4's hinge with a luxury leather flap to prevent damage from bumps.

Galaxy Z Flip 4 Flap Leather Cover

Comes in Beige, Serene Purple, or Black.

Silicone Cover with Strap for Z Flip 4 from Samsung

Another eye-catching case from Samsung is the Silicone Cover with Strap. It comes in two colors: White (with a bright orange strap), and Black (with a green strap). It protects from bumps and scratches, while the strap helps keep the foldable phone firm and secure in your hand. And come on, this style is amazing. Basically, it's as cool as it is functional!

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Galaxy Z Flip 4 Silicone Cover with Strap

Comes in either White + an orange strap, or Black with green strap.

Silicone cover with Ring for Z Flip 4 from Samsung

If you don't like straps, worry not – Samsung has a silicone case option with a ring instead of strap. This way you can again hold the clamshell foldable comfortably, while at the same time looking really cool. Here, you also get more colors to choose from, namely: Arctic Blue, Khaki, Bora Purple, Navy, and Pink. And what's great about those is that they are made to look great with the Z Flip 4's original colors.

Galaxy Z Flip 4 Silicone Cover with Ring

Comes in five color options: Bora Purple, Pink, Navy, Khaki, and Navy.

Galaxy Z Flip 4 Clear Slim Cover from Samsung

For those of you who want a simple case for your new phone with no straps or rings, Samsung has the Clear Slim case for you. It is made of a soft, durable material that's easy to grip. It keeps your phone safe and at the same time proudly showcases your phone's original look. That's as minimalistic as you can go for a Z Flip 4 case - almost as if your phone doesn't have a case on. And what's great about this one is that, being hi

Galaxy Z Flip 4 Clear Slim Cover

A slim and transparent case for your new Z Flip 4.

Galaxy Z Flip 4 Clear Cover with Ring from Samsung

The clear cover with Ring is basically the same clear and transparent lightweight case for your Z Flip 4, but it has a ring so you can hold the Z Flip 4 security in your hand. As the option above, this case ensures everyone sees the beautiful color of your new Z Flip 4, while at the same time you're sure your new phone is protected.

Galaxy Z Flip 4 Clear Cover with Ring

A clear cover case with a ring for your Z Flip 4 from Samsung.

Now, let's move onto third-party cases for the foldable. Reputable brands like Spigen, kate spade, UAG, and Caseology have some great case options for your new phone.

Spigen Air Skin Z Flip 4 case

This case by the reputable brand Spigen beautifully fits the Z Flip 4's thin form, and comes in three colors: Cornflower Blue, Crystal Clear, and Rose Purple to match this year's signature color, Bora Purple. The Air Skin case is made from premium polycarbonate with Urethane Coating that prevents discoloration over time. On top of that, it won't add extra bulk to your new Z Flip 4.

Spigen Air Skin Galaxy Z Flip 4 case

Spigen Air Skin case is available in three colors to match your new Galaxy Z Flip 4 phone without adding extra bulk.

Spigen Tough Armor Z Flip 4 case

Another great case by Spigen is the one from the Tough Armor collection. This extra-protective case comes in only one color, Black, but despite that, it has cool textured look next to the camera bump and outer phone of the screen, adding a touch of interesting to its look. It has an extra layer of shock resistance thanks to an all-new foam technology. Created with a combination of TPU and Polycarbonate, the Tough Armor Z Flip 4 case has dual protection from drops and scratches for your new phone.

But that's not all. This case is also certified with military-standard protection, and the Air Cushion Technology ensures anti-shock protection.

Spigen Tough Armor Galaxy Z Flip 4 Case

Spigen Tough Armor Galaxy Z Flip 4 case, Black color.

Spigen Thin Fit Ring Z Flip 4 case

If you instead prefer something that will showcase your new clamshell foldable's color, while also providing a fashion-like ring to hold your phone in folded form, you can check out the Spigen Thin Fit Ring. This lightweight case with a crystal clear design adds no bulk to your new phone and is ultra slim. And yes, it will showcase your new phone's color, as it is transparent.

Spigen Thin Fit Ring Galaxy Z Flip 4

Crystal clear case with a ring to showcase your phone's color.

Incipio Grip for Z Flip 4

Another great Galaxy Z Flip 4 case comes from Incipio. This case is made from a one-piece construction, has an antimicrobial protection that eliminates 99.9% of surface bacteria. On top of that, it's wireless charging compatible and features scratch resistance and discoloration defense. It comes in two colors: Black and Midnight Navy.

kate spade new york Z Flip 4 case

Another beautiful case for your new Z Flip 4 is the kate spade new york protective hardshell case. Comes in two color options, this case ensures your new phone will look fashionable and stylish. On top of that, this case offers a slim shape, antimicrobial coating and wireless charging compatibility.

UAG Z Flip 4 case

If you want something more rugged and protective, UAG's cases are a great option. This case is specifically made with a hollow hexagon structure that's aimed at dispersing the energy created when a phone collides with another surface - protecting your new Z Flip 4 in case it falls. Protective raised bezels surround to protect glass screen and lenses of your new phone. On top of that all, it's compatible with most wireless chargers and has a military grade protection against drops.

UAG Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 Case Green Olive Civilian

This awesome-looking and very protective case by UAG will ensure your Z Flip 4 is always safe and still looks cool.

Caseology Nano Pop Silicone Z Flip 4 case

If you prefer something eye-catching, Caseology has a gorgeous two-color option for you in the form of the Nano Pop silicone case. This case comes with three color options: Blueberry Navy, Burgundy Bean, and Light Violet. The main color of the case is complemented by a matching second color, making the case stand out. But this one is not only for the looks - it features TPU and Polycarbonate for dual protection to keep your new phone scratch-free. It also ensures great grip, supports wireless charging, and has military grade protection.

Caseology Nano Pop Galaxy Z Flip 4 case

A fun and more eye-catching option from Caseology.

Caseology Parallax Z Flip 4 case

Another case from Caseology comes from the popular line of the company Parallax. It features a recognizable 3D design that ensures enhanced ergonomics and secure grip for your new Z Flip 4. The Caseology Parallax is again featuring TPU and Polycarbonate for dual protection, comes with military grade protection and is compatible with wireless charging. This case is available in two colors: Matte Black or Midnight Blue.

Caseology Parallax Z Flip 4 case

3D ergonomic pattern for better grip.

How to choose the best Galaxy Z Flip 4 case for you?

Here's what you should generally consider when buying a new case:
  • Style - colors, looks
  • Ruggedness - level of protection needed for your lifestyle
  • Grip level - how comfortable it is to hold your phone

Generally, picking a case you like for your new phone is mainly driven from preferences. Some of the cases are more out-there in terms of design and colors, other are more minimalistic and focus on showcasing your phone. What you will choose depends on your personality and style.

Another aspect you should consider when going for a Z Flip 4 case is the level of protection the case offers. Rugged cases like the UAG one or Spigen's Tough Armor offer more protection than a simple clear case. But when you're considering protection, note that you don't always need to get the most rugged version of a case for your phone. This depends on your habits - do you drop your phone way too often? Do you go hiking with your phone? If you answered yes here, this means you'd probably need a tougher case.

However, if you're on the more careful side and the number of times you've ever dropped your phone are close to 0.5 (half for dropping it on your face when looking at it at night), you may be okay with a slimmer case (not as rugged). Those still offer protection from accidental drops, so you'll probably be fine.

Of course, even if you don't plan on hiking and you still like a rugged case, there's nothing wrong with getting one. All in all, make sure you pick one that will make you happy to look at your phone, will be comfortable to grip, and will offer enough protection for your lifestyle.

How do we choose the best Galaxy Z Flip 4 cases?

For this article, we have picked only cases from brands we know and love. There's a reason many of these brands are popular - they offer high quality cases with great design and reliable protection levels. We've selected Z Flip 4 cases for variety of needs - from a simple clear case to a rugged military-grade protective case, so whatever your needs are, you can find the best case of each category in this list. We've also considered the price-to-quality ratio of the cases.

Will Z Flip 3 cases fit the Z Flip 4?

No, cases for the Z Flip 3 will not fit the Z Flip 4. The phones may look similar, but there are differences in dimensions, and the Z Flip 4 is slightly thinner. So, you will need to get a case specifically designed for the Z Flip 4. And all of the cases we have here above are designed specifically for the Galaxy Z Flip 4.

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