The best Galaxy S22 cases - our handpicked selection

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Best Samsung Galaxy S22 cases you can buy
Shopping for a Galaxy S22 case can be a daunting task, as there are so many options available that vary in terms of material, design, and intended use. To make the process easier, we have compiled a list of the best cases for the Galaxy S22, including both official and third-party options. 

Protecting your smartphone is important, especially since many devices are prone to damage. We hope that our selection of the best Galaxy S22 cases will make it easier for you to find the perfect case for your needs. 

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Table of contents:

Samsung Galaxy S22 official cases

Samsung has a tradition when it comes to cases and the company follows that tradition with its official Galaxy S22 cases. These are tested and proven to work in a wide range of scenarios, and even though the models are pretty much identical every year, they’re a solid option for your Galaxy S22.

Galaxy S22 Silicone Cover

The simple and stylish Galaxy S22 Silicone Cover does a lot of things right. It fits perfectly without adding excessive bulk to your phone, while keeping it from scuffs and scratches.

Chances are you’re already familiar with the Silicone Cover case, as it is one of the most popular official Samsung Galaxy cases.

Plus, this case gives you the opportunity to paint your new Galaxy S22 in four different colors - black, blue, green, and coral. The last one is our personal favorite.

Last but not least, this case is fully compatible with wireless chargers so you won’t need to take it off when you charge your Galaxy S22. The price is also quite reasonable at $29.99.

Galaxy S22 Silicone Cover

Galaxy S22 Silicone Cover with a strap

This fresh new case from Samsung offers all the pros of the normal Silicone Cover but adds a strap on the back for comfortable grip. You can use it to slide your hand in and hold your device more securely, and also attach it to your belt.

The Galaxy S22 Silicone Cover with a strap is built from a non-slip material, and it is also lightweight, slim and comes in two cool colors - Navy Blue (with an orange S on the strap), and White (with an electric green S on the strap).

Galaxy S22 Silicone Cover with Strap

Galaxy S22 Leather Cover

Leather is always in fashion and if you want something a bit more refined for your new Galaxy S22 gem, Samsung’s got you covered. The Galaxy S22 Leather Cover is still very slim and sleek but offers the velvet touch of genuine leather as a bonus.

As with the silicone case, this one is also wireless charger compatible, it has easy access to all the ports, and being genuine leather it also offers protection from scratches, bumps, and accidental drops. Protection in style.

The official Galaxy S22 Leather Cover is available in three different colors - black, green and grey.

Galaxy S22 Leather Cover

Galaxy S22 Smart LED View Cover

This model dates way back in Samsung’s portfolio - and for a good reason. The Galaxy S22 Smart LED View Cover does something unique - it gives you the ability to peek at notifications without opening the case.

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This is done via a smart LED display baked inside the cover, which by the way features a cool retro dot matrix design. The case comes with an inside pocket to snug your credit cards and cash, and it’s available in two colors - Black and Grey.

Galaxy S22 Smart LED View Cover

Galaxy S22 S-View Flip Cover

An evolution of the LED View Cover idea with a smart strip that leaves a part of the screen visible. The Galaxy S22 adjusts its lock screen when the cover is closed to show the time, battery life, incoming calls and messages inside this strip opening.

If you like wallet type covers, this one is a must, and it’s also another Samsung classic case. Needless to say, this one is also compatible with wireless chargers and protects the phone from mild to moderate abuse.

Oh, and Samsung says it doubles as a mirror when not in use. Cool, eh?

Galaxy S22 S-View Flip Cover

Galaxy S22 Clear Cover

Not everyone wants to hide their phone color behind a case, and that’s where clear covers come in. The Galaxy S22 colors are quite easy on the eye, to say the least, and you can show them to the world with the Galaxy S22 Clear Cover.

It’s your regular slim clear cover - with a bumper-style sides, and a transparent back. Samsung uses a fine texture on this one for easy grip and to prevent accidental slips. It’s very light, wireless charging compatible, and normally costs just $19.99.

Galaxy S22 Clear Frame Cover

Galaxy S22 Clear Standing Cover

For all Netflix and YouTube enthusiasts, there’s another version of the Clear Cover - behold the Galaxy S22 Clear Standing Cover. Yep, that’s right - it just adds a kickstand to the table but for many people this could be a game changer.

Another big difference is the added military-grade fall protection, which the normal Clear Cover apparently doesn’t have. If you want to snug your new Galaxy S22 in this particular case you have to pay around $29.99.

Galaxy S22 Clear Standing Cover

Galaxy S22 Protective Standing Case

Speaking of military-grade protection, the Galaxy S22 Protective Standing Case takes things a step further, offering the best protection you can get from an official Samsung Galaxy S22 case.

There's a textured surface for easy grip, bumpers, lips - everything to keep your phone from being accidentally destroyed, and you wouldn’t want that for your new Galaxy S22. This case looks rugged because it is, and some people like this style.

Galaxy S22 Protective Standing Cover

Samsung Galaxy S22 clear cases

This year Samsung decided to launch some fresh Galaxy S22 colors, so you would want to let them shine through your new case. That's where clear cases come in. They're slim, transparent and understated - the best Galaxy S22 cases if you don't like putting a case on your phone all that much.

OtterBox Symmetry Galaxy S22 case

OtterBox is one of the big names in smartphone protection - and for a good reason. If you want solid protection, you choose OtterBox. The Defender series are well-know and one of the best in that category but here we're talking about the clear Symmetry option.

This Galaxy S22 case is a nice inbetweener - you get the military grade protection (OtterBox calls it DROP+, and it corresponds to MIL-STD-810G 516.6), and at the same time the case is rather thin, lightweight and stylish. There's also an antimicrobial and oleophobic coating to round up the deal. Sure, this case is not the cheapest one out there but if you want your Galaxy S22 color to shine through without annoying yellow tint, and be protected at the same time, the OtterBox Symmetry is a great choice.

OtterBox - Symmetry Series

Clear Soft Shell for Samsung Galaxy S22 - Clear

ZAGG Crystal Palace Galaxy S22 Case

Most people think about screen protectors when they hear the name ZAGG, and that's completely normal. Now, though, ZAGG has ventured in the world of smartphone cases, and with a very strong lineup.

The Crystal Palace Galaxy S22 Case features lots of bells and whistles for a very good price. ZAGG partnered with Eastman (a global specialty materials company) to create this case. It features D3O protection - "D3O is the world’s most advanced impact protection, trusted by military, sports, motorcycle, and industrial professionals," reads the description on ZAGG's official site. What this means is that this Galaxy S22 case is rated to withstand drops from up to 13 feet (4 meters), and this corresponds to military standard 810G 516.

There's an antimicrobial coating as well, and the Crystalex material won't yellow over time. It's wireless charging compatible, and the price is a bit lower than the OtterBox option.

ZAGG - Gear4 Crystal Palace Case

with D3O Impact Protection for Samsung Galaxy S22 - Clear

Spigen Liquid Crystal Galaxy S22 Case

The Spigen Liquid Crystal Galaxy S22 case is extremely thin and lightweight - the definition of "you won't even notice it's there." Plus, it has Spigen's patented AirCushion technology - tiny airbags in each corner of the frame to protect the phone in accidental falls.

If you want slim, this is the way to go, this case fits perfectly, and it is also crystal clear, letting your Galaxy S22 shine through. The case won't yellow over time, and provides good grip, thanks to the sticky TPU material. And the price, of course, is extremely affordable.

Spigen Liquid Crystal Designed for Galaxy S22 Case (2022) - Crystal Clear

Insignia Samsung Galaxy S22 Hard Shell Case 

If you don't feel like dropping $40-50 on a case, there's another, more affordable Galaxy S22 clear case option and it comes from Insignia. This case uses a hard polycarbonate shell on the back coupled with a soft TPU frame that can absorb the impact from potential drops.

Granted, the Insignia Hard Shell Galaxy S22 case offers "only" 6ft drop protection but we assume you won't be throwing your new Galaxy S22 phone in the air. The material of this case was tested under UV light so rest assured that the case won't yellow over time. Have we mentioned the price? It's almost twice as cheap than the other clear cases on this list.

Insignia - Hard Shell Case for Samsung Galaxy S22 - Clear

Samsung Galaxy S22 rugged cases

You can't be too careful with modern smartphones - they're pretty fragile (and it's our fault). In order to protect your new Galaxy S22 in the best possible way you need a rugged smartphone case. These are the smartphone analogue to a Kevlar bulletproof vest. Actually, some of these cases are made using real Kevlar!

OtterBox Defender Series Pro Galaxy S22 Hard Shell

This is the heavy artillery here, the big guns. OtterBox knows how to make protective cases and its Defender series is one of the best out there. This Galaxy S22 rugged case is no exception. It's rated with one of the highest DROP+ scores - 4x as many drops as military standard (MIL-STD-810G 516.6).

Rugged smartphone cases sometimes can look auspicious and unrefined but that's not the case with the OtterBox Defender. Not only it's very durable but we dare to say it's even stylish. There's a lot going on with this case - it has port covers to keep dust and dirt away, an antimicrobial technology, and there's also a belt holster that doubles as a kickstand. This Galaxy S22 case is one of the most expensive on this list but that's for a good reason.

OtterBox - Defender Series Pro

Hard Shell for Samsung Galaxy S22 - Black

UAG - Civilian Case for Samsung Galaxy S22

Another solid option when it comes to protection comes from UAG. The Civilian Case features the company's proprietary HyperCrush hexagonal shock-absorbing pattern, and as a result this case meets 2X Military drop-test standards (MIL STD 810G 516.6)

One of the big bonuses of such construction is that the case is rather thin and lightweight without sacrificing protection. The price is also a bit cheaper than the OtterBox model, and the aesthetics are different. All in all - a very solid Galaxy S22 rugged case.

UAG - Civilian Case for Samsung Galaxy S22 - Black

Spigen Tough Armor Galaxy S22 Case

There's another, cheaper, way to protect your Galaxy S22, and it doesn't compromises with materials or build quality. Spigen is a popular brand that offers an amazing price/quality ratio, and the Tough Armor cases are a great example.

This Galaxy S22 case features dual design - a hard polycarbonate shell, coupled with a soft TPU that absorbs the shock from impacts. The Air Cushion technology is onboard as well, acting like a tiny airbag on each corner of the case - the most vulnerable place when you drop your phone. Finally, there's a new impact-absorbing foam that triples the protection, and an integrated kickstand.

Spigen Tough Armor

[Extreme Protection Tech] Designed for Galaxy S22 Case (2022) - Black

SaharaCase - Military Kickstand Series Samsung Galaxy S22 case

There's a more affordable option from SaharaCase, if you don't want to spend north of $50 on a case. The Military Kickstand series is as rugged as they come, and also manages to keep things on the thinner side.

As the name suggests, there's a military-grade drop protection, thanks to the dual-layer design - a combination of hard plastic and soft TPU. There's also a belt holster that doubles as a kickstand, and a fiery red color to state your claim and give an extra sense of emergency to your calls.


Military Kickstand Series Case for Samsung Galaxy S22 - Red

Samsung Galaxy S22 leather cases

Leather is the best way to style-up your Galaxy S22. It's also very durable material that can withstand scratches and other mild abuse. And last but not least, leather ages amazingly well, and gets a nice patina with the years of usage.

TORRO Genuine Leather Cover for Galaxy S22

There aren't many good third-party Galaxy S22 leather covers and cases at the moment but the TORRO Genuine Leather cover is one of them. It's really high quality - the top-grain leather used is sourced from the finest tanneries in the US, and then handcrafted with minimal treatment to preserve its natural feel and look. 

This is a wallet-style case/cover, actually there's a hard polycarbonate case inside the cover, so you're getting the protection inside, and the stylish part on the outside. There are compartments for credit cards and cash, and if leather wallet covers are your thing, you're gonna love the TORRO case.

TORRO Phone Case Compatible with Samsung Galaxy S22

Quality, Genuine Leather Cover with Card Slots and Horizontal Viewing Stand (Dark Brown)

SaharaCase - Folio Wallet Samsung Galaxy S22 Case

There's an argument to be made about genuine and faux leather. You can get the look and feel without getting animals in trouble, and that's where the SaharaCase Folio Wallet comes in. It's a vegan faux leather case that looks amazing, and can also hold up to five cards and cash.

There's a strap included, and you can also use the case to place your Galaxy S22 in landscape mode and watch some videos. The faux leather won't stretch or fade over time (no patina or vintage looks anytime soon) which is great if you like your case to look brand-new as long as possible.

SaharaCase - Folio Wallet Case for Samsung Galaxy S22 - Brown


The Galaxy S22 is now more than a year old but the listed Galaxy S22 cases above still grow in numbers, so be sure to check this space on a regular basis. Meanwhile, also check out our Best Galaxy S22 screen protectors article, to round up the protection of your new flagship phone. 

And remember - the best Galaxy S22 case is the one you like the most, and the one that you'd be carrying around proudly. Fortunately, there are tons of Galaxy S22 cases for every occasion and scenario to choose from.

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