AT&T to launch new Next Up Anytime add-on in July

AT&T to launch new Next Up Anytime add-on in July
AT&T has just announced a new and improved add-on that promises to give customers more choice and flexibility to upgrade their phones earlier and more often.

The new add-on is called Next Up Anytime and will be available offered on all AT&T’s wireless plans. Starting July 16, the carrier’s customers will be able to sign up for the AT&T Installment Plan and include the new Next Up Anytime add-on for an additional $10 per month when they purchase a smartphone.

The Next Up Anytime add-on will offer a few benefits that might be worth the $10/month fee. Here is what AT&T promises to all customers who sign up for the new add-on:

  • Upgrade to the latest phone with our smartphone deals once 33% or more of their phone is paid off.
  • Upgrade as soon as one installment payment and the first Next Up Anytime payment is made.
  • Upgrade any time – up to three times per year.

AT&T customers might recognize the new add-on since this is a redesigned version of the carrier’s early upgrade program. It’s meant to offer those who like to change their phones often the freedom to do that whenever they want.

Obviously, customers who just want their phone outright will have little to no benefits by paying for the Next Up Anytime add-on. However, for those who want to absolutely own the latest and greatest smartphone launched by AT&T, this looks like a match made in heaven.

It’s unclear if this will replace the Next Up add-on, which is currently available for $6 per month. Just like the newly announced add-on, Next Up allows customers to upgrade their phones early. However, they can only do that after paying off 50 percent of the phone cost instead of 33 percent.

Also, the Next Up Anytime add-on allows customers to upgrade their phones early up to three times per year, so that’s a plus for tech lovers.

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