AT&T is compensating its users for roaming issues, T-Mobile and Verizon are not (yet)

AT&T is compensating its users for roaming issues, T-Mobile and Verizon are not (yet)
Have you been traveling recently... pretty much anywhere outside the US? Then chances are you were left without your precious cell service for an unacceptable period of time ranging from a few hours to as much as two days. The good news is all roaming issues reported earlier this week seem to have finally been resolved, hopefully for good.

The even better news is that AT&T is already prepared to financially compensate all of its subscribers afflicted by this massive global outage for their trouble and pain. Expect "credits for daily fees" to be issued to you momentarily for the June 26 - June 28 timeframe, and if that doesn't happen in a couple of days (tops), you should probably reach out to your carrier directly to ask for your compensation.

Unfortunately, this obviously concerns AT&T customers exclusively, with users of the other two top wireless networks in the US currently out of luck. Hopefully, Verizon and T-Mobile will eventually do the right thing and follow their arch-rival's example with free credits of their own for folks who couldn't make or receive voice calls, text, or browse the web internationally this week.

For their part, Big Red and Magenta don't seem to have communicated much with their subscribers on the happy conclusion or even the unfolding of the global outage, merely joining AT&T in pointing the finger at a "third party vendor." 

Said third party connecting America's three largest mobile network operators is called Syniverse, and ironically, that company also blamed a "peering partner outside" of its network for the "root cause" of the "recent service disruption impacting global roamers."

No matter who was at fault, the important thing is that all issues are now decidedly in the rearview mirror. Also, it's definitely good to know that the whole debacle was not caused by a cyberattack (allegedly). At the same time, AT&T certainly deserves a bit of praise for stepping up to the plate ahead of the competition. Your move, Verizon and T-Mobile!

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