The best Apple Watch 7 deal since Black Friday is here

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The best Apple Watch 7 deal since Black Friday is back
Apple's latest Apple Watch Series 7 model has just been caught sporting a full $50 discount, which is the biggest sale we've seen it enjoying since the Black Friday craze. 

The deal in question can be found on Amazon right now. There is no current time limit on the deal, but Amazon sales like this—especially on modern Apple products—tend to run out of stock pretty fast, so it may not be available for more than a few hours.

It's the non-cellular version of the Apple Watch 7, meaning it sports a built-in GPS, but cannot connect to a mobile carrier to take calls or use mobile data independently from your phone. The one advantage to buying a GPS-only Apple Watch (aside from being cheaper, of course) is that its battery actually tends to last longer, as it doesn't need to power a wireless chip on top of everything else.

As you can see, both the 41 mm and 45 mm Apple Watch 7 versions are discounted, although your color choices seem to be limited to (PRODUCT)RED, blue, and green aluminum casings. You can always switch out the band if it isn't to your liking, of course.

As for some of the more attractive features of the Apple Watch Series 7, it adds about 20% of screen real estate to the previous generation, making the tiny details on the display easier to see than ever. The fragile screen is also protected with crack-resistant crystal, which is allegedly harder to scratch or break than ever before.

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Of course it's got an IP6X rating, meaning it's completely resistant to dust and water and can be taken swimming, as well as on any other type of training session to track your metrics, such as pulse, blood oxygen, distance covered, and more.

It can also let you take an ECG test any time you choose, to ensure you are in optimal cardiovascular health—and if the watch detects any abnormal heartbeat patterns, it will always let you know to get it checked out. All in all, it's a very handy gadget to wear on the daily, if you already have an iPhone and are interested in keeping track of your body and health as much as possible. 

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