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Apple shares videos from today's iPhone 13 event

Apple shares videos from today's 5G iPhone 13 event
Apple has released the videos it used during today's California Streaming event and we are starting with a video called Whodunnit which promotes the new Cinematic mode that copies the rack focus effect used in movies. This technique changes the focus of the lens during a continuous shot and is a feature of Apple's Cinematic mode for the iPhone 13 series. The video looks like a movie from the start with the bokeh effect used to blur the background which then comes in focus as we move in to see a huge mansion.

Of course, Apple has to get in its plug to tell us that the video was shot using Cinematic mode on the iPhone 13. The rest of the clip shows off Cinematic mode by constantly changing the focus during the scene which is enough to bring on a headache for many of you. The action being filmed is that of a typical whodunnit mystery and we are silently introduced to all of the suspects behind an unmentioned crime until the suspects are finally placed in the police car.

Let's stay on the Apple iPhone and the next video introduces the (non-Pro) iPhone 13 series. Our hero is a young man delivering a package on a motorized bike and it appears that he put his iPhone 13 into a dock. But unless it is a vibration dampening dock, the young man risks damaging the rear camera system on his iPhone as Apple pointed out in a new support page. After setting up Apple Maps to help direct him to his destination, the delivery man starts to get pelted by rain.

But the iPhone 13's water resistance allows it to be used in the rain, so there is no issue there. Even when a car splatters mud on our hero's bike and his iPhone ends up in a mud hole, there is no concern; the Ceramic Shield protects the device. There is even an example of the Cinematic mode which allows the focus to change while recording video.

Powered by the new A15 Bionic chipset, the iPhone 13 has support for 5G. And after a long day of delivering packages, the long battery life of the iPhone 13 means that there is no rush to find an outlet or plug in a power bank. And Night Mode allows viewable photos to be snapped in low-light environments. And Apple can't resist but include an "E.T." moment at the end of the video. Can you find it?

The Apple iPhone 13 Pro series gets its own video titled "Introducing iPhone 13 Pro." Right off the bat, the update to the cameras lead the way. The video shows what appears to be the filming of a movie and explains how the ultra-wide camera can now be used for Macro close-ups. The Ceramic Shield offers plenty of protection from drops and spills and the Cinematic mode gives a user the ability to shoot artistic videos. The focus can shift automatically while recording, or after the video is shot.

While the video introducing the iPhone 13 has an "E.T." moment, the video for the iPhone 13 Pro series includes a Jurassic Park moment. See if you can find it!

Apple also introduced  a redesigned iPad mini with a larger 8.3-inch display, powered by the impressive 5nm A15 Bionic chipset. Touch ID is integrated with the power button. And speaking of redesigned products, the Apple Watch Series 7 has a larger display, new watch faces and new bands. The following two videos cover the latest versions of those devices.

Apple also released two more video about the iPhone 13 Pro with one titled "Hollywood in your pocket" and the other is a video taken on the set with two-time Oscar winner Kathryn Bigelow.

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