We are getting more iPhone colors this year than ever, here they are

Here's all iPhone 2018 colors
Apple is expected to launch a total of three iPhone models this year, and according to reliable market analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, they will come in a variety of never-before-seen on an iPhone 10 colors (not counting the plasticky 5c), including yellow, orange, and blue.

It's not clear yet which models will be available in what colors, but according to Kuo, the rumored, 6.5-inch OLED iPhone may be available in black, white, and a new gold color, while 6.1-inch LED may come in grey, white, blue, red, and orange variants.

iPhone 10 colors

Moreover, according to reliable tipster @OnLeaks, Apple engineers are experimenting with "White, Black (likely Space Gray), Grey (lighter grey), Red, Blue, Yellow, Orange and Pink," although some of these color options may be dropped after the prototyping stage is over. But even if one or two don't make it into the final roster, what's left is still more than we've ever seen in Apple's smartphone lineup, excluding the iPhone 5c, which came in five pastel shades (green, blue, yellow, pink and white).

Heck, if the 2018 iPhone is made available in as many shades as rumors are suggesting, it will be able to rival the Game Boy in terms of color options. Well, there won't be a crystal clear one, but we digress.

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All iPhones in the 2018 lineup are rumored to sport iPhone X-like notched design and glass backs for wireless charging, which is also an interesting angle to consider. When smartphone makers started making predominantly glass-and-metal devices, most of them got quite conservative when it came to color options, so it would be interesting to see this trend shaken up in 2018. That's why we wanted to visualize what the new iPhone 10 colors could look like, based on the available information:

We're still not sure which iPhone models are getting what colors, but we are excited to hear that so many options may be available

Another interesting tidbit is that Apple is reportedly planning to launch a red iPhone this year, which (as far as we know) won't be a part of the company's Product (RED) lineup. As such, we can't say for sure whether it'll get the saturated, punchy shade of red that the Product lineup is know for, but it could be very similar. After all, fans have been clamoring for a red iPhone with a black front for quite a while, and this could be it.

So, what do you think about the rainbow of iPhone color options that Apple is rumored to launch this year? Which one do you like the best, and, on a side note, are you bored of white, black, and grey phones? We feel like these three colors have been associated with premium devices and have dominated smartphone designs long enough. So, we are glad to hear that this year's iPhones may be available in so many different shades. What do you think? Tell us in the comments below!


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