Apple Glasses AR headset to resemble traditional glasses, support 5G


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Apple has been developing an AR headset for years but only recently was information about how users interact with the product shared. Now, extra details about the wearable have emerged.

The AR headset will support 5G networks

Speaking on the newest episode of Gadget Cast, YouTuber and leaker Jon Prosser revealed that Apple is planning to integrate 5G network connectivity inside the AR headset. The exact configuration wasn’t revealed, but Apple will presumably use mmWave and Sub-6GHz technology together. That should ensure a consistent experience regardless of the location.

The iPad and Apple Watch are offered in both Wi-Fi and Cellular variants but Prosser believes there will be no Wi-Fi version of the AR headset, which will likely be called Apple Glasses. The reason being that support for prescription lenses is planned.

That move would turn the product into an essential item for many customers and, if people are spending the extra money to acquire Apple Glasses over traditional eyewear, a seamless experience should be available as standard, even if their iPhone or Apple Watch is left at home.

Apple Glasses look like traditional glasses

The Apple Glasses headset will include its own set of sensors to ensure virtual objects are represented accurately when projected. That is being improved with the data Apple has gathered using the new LiDAR Scanner, which was introduced on the iPad Pro in March.

Prosser says the product will also leverage data gathered by iPhone and Apple Watch sensors for better calibration. An iPhone will likely be mandatory during the setup process but not necessarily when using them, although the Apple Watch will probably be optional.

Wearing and using Apple Glasses will center around a new operating system or UI codenamed ‘Starboard.’ Earlier leaks have suggested it will rely on QR codes to display different experiences to the user.

These experiences will only be visible to the individual users, according to Prosser. If a person looks at somebody wearing Apple Glasses, they won’t be able to see what is being displayed on the individual screens.

As for the all-important design, Apple Glasses reportedly look exactly like traditional glasses and certainly don’t resemble “heavy machinery on your face” like certain other headsets.  They have been designed with regular consumers in mind and aren’t necessarily targeted at professionals, although Apple may try to target this demographic at launch if it sees enough potential.

Jon Prosser says he has seen black and white prototypes. Of course, the final lineup of colors will probably change. 

Could the first details be revealed next month?

Apple has not yet revealed its launch plans for the AR headset but countless reports have mentioned a possible launch in either 2021 or 2022. Prosser himself was told that an announcement could happen in March 2021 at an event or June 2021 at WWDC. 

However, he speculates that Apple may be planning to announce some details much earlier than that – at WWDC 2020 in late June, to be precise. The timeline in question would be slightly earlier than expected, but it's possible the company is planning an Apple Watch-like release schedule.

The original version was announced in September 2014 before a release the following April. If Apple Glasses details are announced at WWDC 2020, Apple Glasses could possibly hit shelves in February or March 2021. 

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