Apple's state-of-the-art Beats Fit Pro are on sale at a big discount for the first time

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Apple's state-of-the-art Beats Fit Pro are on sale at a big discount for the first time
Released all the way back in 2019, Apple's incredibly popular second-gen AirPods finally got a sequel a few months ago, which should have been a reason for major celebration for many of the company's wireless audio-loving hardcore fans.

But while the AirPods 3 did bring a tweaked design and a couple of important internal improvements to the table, a lot of prospective buyers were understandably put off by the lack of active noise cancellation.

Weirdly enough, Apple followed up that highly anticipated launch with the unexpected announcement of the Beats Fit Pro, which do include state-of-the-art ANC technology and aren't even that much more expensive than the non-Pro third-gen AirPods.

Just in case that wasn't enough to convince you these Beats-branded bad boys are the smarter buy, Walmart is currently selling them at $153.11 a pair instead of their $199.99 list price. This completely unprecedented discount makes the Fit Pro considerably cheaper than the recently refreshed AirPods Pro with a MagSafe charging case included even at their own lowest price achieved during this extended holiday season.

In addition to being objectively better than the AirPods 3 in several different ways, the Beats Fit Pro actually hold a few advantages over the AirPods Pro as well, most notably delivering up to six hours of uninterrupted listening time between charges compared to no more than four hours and a half for the "competition."

Both high-end products are powered by Apple's advanced H1 chip, promising similarly impressive connectivity and overall sound performance, while the built-in flexible wingtips undoubtedly give the Fit Pro the edge in terms of stability and possibly comfort as well, especially for long and intensive workouts.

Pretty much the only downside is the missing wireless charging support, but at a little over 150 bucks, you shouldn't have a problem living with that compromise... as long as you also don't mind opting for the "Beats Black" paint job. 

The Beats White model is on sale at $175.99, in case you're wondering, while the Sage Gray and Stone Purple flavors have yet to be discounted... by Walmart or any other major US retailer.

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