Don't try this at home: swallowed AirPod still functional after exiting man's digestive system

Don't try this at home: swallowed AirPod still functional after exiting man's digestive system
Apple is no stranger to unconventionally scoring free publicity courtesy of unusual human interest news pieces generally focused on the life-saving features of the company's smartwatches or the incredible resilience of new and old iPhones, but the latest such AirPods-centric story is equal parts impressive and... disgusting.

According to the UK's Daily Mail, a Taiwan-based AirPods owner recently discovered a previously unknown side of the advertised "magic" behind Apple's popular wireless headphones after somehow managing to swallow an earbud whole. The user, named Ben Hsu, claims he fell asleep with the headphones in his ears, waking up to find only one earbud in its place, while the other had gone AWOL.

Even though it's hardly unusual to misplace these teeny-tiny yet incredibly powerful headphones in such circumstances, there's a handy tracking feature you can use to avoid situations where you might need to replace one or both buds due to negligence. But Hsu was initially left baffled by the beeping sound of the missing AirPod that appeared to be following him around his room before realizing exactly what had happened.

A quick visit to a nearby hospital confirmed Hsu's worst fear, but at the same time, the man received assurances his health was not in any real danger... as long as the tainted AirPod could naturally find its way out of his digestive system. Without going into some frankly nauseating details, let's just say a laxative did the trick and, believe it or not, Ben Hsu is once again the happy owner of two perfectly functional and arguably "magical" AirPods.

The excreted headphone even allegedly retained 41 percent of power while navigating through Hsu's digestive system, which sounds a little sketchy. Then again, there are a number of details about this story that don't exactly sit well (figuratively and literally speaking), but perhaps the most important thing to keep in mind is that just because you can do something doesn't mean you should
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