Apple acquires a startup company that uses AI to adapt music to listeners

Apple acquires a startup company that uses AI to adapt music to listeners
Apple appears to be continuing its acquisition of companies concentrated around music. After last year's acquisition of Primephonic, a music service for streaming classical music, the Cupertino company recently purchased AI Music, a startup firm that uses artificial intelligence to create personalized music (via Bloomberg).

AI Music utilizes royalty-free music and artificial intelligence to create dynamic soundtracks that can change based on user inputs. Imagine that while you play a video game, the currently playing song suddenly changes in an attempt to adapt to the current mood and enhance the game experience. Or imagine that while you are training, you suddenly increase the intensity of your workout and, in an attempt to boost your motivation even further, the music you are listening to adapts to the increased intensity of your workout.

According to AI Music, the company's goal was to make the music that its customers listen to adaptable to their needs and create dynamic soundtracks that can adjust to all of AI Music's audiences. Before its acquisition, AI Music had arrangements with advertising agencies to create ads that could change the music playing based on the people watching the ads.

As of now, there is no information on how much Apple had to pay to acquire AI Music or how the Cupertino-based company would use the technology developed by the startup firm. Although, currently, we can only speculate on how Apple would use the newly acquired technology, feel free to share with us how you think Apple would utilize AI Music's artificial intelligence.

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