Android's Digital Wellbeing app will be getting an app refresh with new features soon

Android's Digital Wellbeing app will be getting an app refresh with new features soon
Google's Digital Wellbeing app, that handy tool on most Android phones that helps you keep tabs on your screen time, is getting a bit of a makeover. This isn't just about a new look, but rather about making the app easier to use and giving you more control over your digital habits. These changes were spotted by Assemble Debug over at Android Authority, who dug into the app's beta version and found some interesting clues about what's coming down the pipeline.

One of the most noticeable changes is a bit of renaming. "App Timers," the feature that lets you set daily limits for how long you use certain apps, will now be called "App Limits." Not only that, but it will also be getting its very own section in the app, making it easier to find and tweak. The "Dashboard," which gives you an overview of your phone usage, is also getting a new name: "View Activity Details."

Dashboard replaced by "View activity details", "Activity details" section, "App Limits" list, and "Setting app limits" dialog | Credit: Android Authority

Additionally, the APK breakdown discovered that Google might also be adding a PIN feature to App Limits. This means that you could potentially set a PIN that needs to be entered before anyone can change the limits you've set. It's a great way to add an extra layer of security, especially for parents who want to make sure their kids stick to the agreed-upon screen time rules.

Now, remember, these changes are still in beta, which means they're not available to everyone just yet. But the fact that they're showing up in the beta version is a pretty good sign that Google is getting ready to roll them out to all of us soon. With Google's continued efforts to improve this app, it looks like they're on a mission to help us all unplug a little more often.

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