The latest updates to Android Auto make it an even better competitor to Apple's CarPlay

The latest updates to Android Auto make it an even better competitor to Apple's CarPlay
Google has been working recently on introducing new features to Android Auto, further improving the experience with it, reports AutoEvolution. Now, with the new features under development or released, Android Auto is becoming a better competitor to Apple's CarPlay.

Android Auto is getting some features that could make it better than CarPlay

Google has managed to make Android Auto the preferred choice for drivers: the search giant is claiming there are over 100 million cars using Android Auto wirelessly right now. These numbers only concern vehicles that come with such capabilities from the factory and in reality, this figure may be even higher from upgrades that come with support for wireless connectivity.

In the recent months, the company has worked on further improving the experience with Android Auto. Now, one of the new features Android Auto is reportedly getting is support for dual SIM. As the name of the feature suggests, this will allow users to soon be able to choose which SIM they want to use when making a phone call using Android auto. This feature was among the highly-requested ones and it seems Google has actually listened to user feedback.

Additionally, Google is set to improving the Android Auto experience even more. A new notification center is reportedly in the works, according to references in a beta version discovered by AutoEvolution, as well as more settings to let users configure what apps run on startup. On top of that, Android Auto will also be capable of transforming into a game console for the times where you wait to pick the kids up from school, transforming these waiting times into a more pleasant and enjoyable experience.

On the other hand, Apple has not been going as well with CarPlay, and many users seem to have had issues with it with the introduction of the new iOS 15. Reportedly, users have been experiencing crashing of the app when trying to play music after upgrading to iOS 15. Additionally, complaints of connectivity issues have also been present after iOS 15, and not only for the newest iPhone models.

With the new features and improvements Google has been making to Android Auto, it now seems the search giant is committed to making the car experience a great one.

Differences between Android Auto and CarPlay

Basically, both systems do the same thing, respectively for Android users and for iPhone users. Both of these systems project applications from your phone on your car's display for easier use when your driving.

Both systems display music applications, chat apps, calls, text messages, GPS maps, but they both are available for newer cars (meaning 2015 or newer).

Differences between them remind us of differences between the Android and iOS operating systems. For example, Android Auto's interface is a more customizable one, which you can change from your phone, while CarPlay doesn't allow as much customization.

You can use Google Maps on both systems, but the interface on Android Auto is more user-friendly and allows for pinching and zooming as you would normally do on a phone, as well as accessing satellite images of the maps. CarPlay is understandable more geared towards the use of Apple Maps, so these two minor things are not available on Google Maps with CarPlay.

Recently the Android Auto for phone screens app has been retired

The Android Auto for phone screens is now officially retired after much speculation that it would be getting replaced by Google Assistant driving mode. We have reported earlier that this expected change is now happening and some users have already been getting a notice that Android Auto for phone screens will no longer work, and they should be using Google Assistant's driving mode instead. Additionally, starting with Android 12, Google Assistant driving mode will be the built-in mobile driving experience.

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