Android 13 expected to allow device to device media transfer with a tap

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Android 13 expected to allow device to device media transfer with a tap
While it feels as though Android 12 is relatively still fresh and new, there has been no harm in discussing rumored features for Android 13. It's similar to us telling you about the latest iPhone 14 rumors right after the iPhone 13 was released in September. The latest build of Google's open-source operating system is known internally as Snow Cone following in the old tradition of naming each Android build after a dessert, a tradition that publicly ended with Android Q (or Android 10).

Several rumored features for Android 13 have been leaked

For those who believe that iOS is getting stale, Android 12 has been a breath of fresh air with more customizable features than ever. And the Material You interface is colorful, unique, and different. Google sees Android (especially on the Pixel) as an operating system that is developed to fix consumer pain points.

Don't like waiting on hold? Let Google Assistant take care of that for you by minding your phone call until you are no longer on hold. That's the kind of thing that Android does the best. The internal dessert name of Android 13 is reportedly Tiramisu. The latter is an Italian dessert made up of sponge cake layers soaked in coffee and brandy or liqueur with powdered chocolate and mascarpone cheese.

Already we have passed along some rumors about features that could be part of Android 13, such as Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) Audio which will work to stream audio content to headphones and hearing aids. Bluetooth LE Audio is expected to help Android 13 users enjoy an improved battery life and a more stable audio connection all without having to deal with reduced sound quality on mobile devices.

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Another feature expected to be added to Android 13 is called "Panlingual." This will allow users to change the language preference for each individual app instead of making one language selection for the entire operating system. Android 13 could also include a toggle switch that would disable the Phantom Process Killer which is used to stop apps from running in the background under certain circumstances if they are using an excessive amount of processing power.

And now, according to Android Police, Android 13 might have a cool little feature that will kick in if you're using media on your Android phone. When you get close enough to another Android phone, tablet, or Chromecast device, you will see chip notifications with some useful information on the display. If you're not close enough to any of the aforementioned devices, you will see a notice telling you to move closer.

Once you move close enough, you tap your device with the one you want to send the media to and the transfer will take place. When this occurs, you will get a notification telling you when this has happened. This would seem to be similar to the feature that allows iPhone users to tap their phone on a HomePod to move media to it.

Android 13 Developer Preview is just weeks away

If past is prologue, we should see Google release the first developer preview for Android 13 next month. But until the final version of Android 13 is released, say next October, any of these rumored features are just that-a rumor. The media transfer will probably use some form of connectivity such as NFC or Ultra Wide-band or even both. If all goes as planned, an Android 13 user who has a playlist on his phone will be able to transfer it to another device.

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Of course, Pixel models will be the first to have the ability to install the Android 13 beta and the final version of Android 13. To reiterate, we should see the final version of Android 13 released early next October.

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