AirPods Max delivery being halted by UPS because of 'hazardous materials irregularity'

AirPods Max delivery being halted by UPS because of  'hazardous materials irregularity'
UPDATE: UPS has released its statement regarding the issue:

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AirPods Max deliveries are being canceled midway through the shipment process according to a new report from iPhone in Canada.

UPS is apparently returning some AirPods Max orders meant for customers in Canada and America to Apple. Per the users who have experienced the issue, the packages have received a 'hazardous materials irregularity' status update.

One user says their package made it to Ontario, California, before being returned to Rialto.

It remains unclear whether the ‘hazardous materials’ update comes from Apple or UPS. It is also not known how widespread the issue is. Reports on the internet suggest it mostly affects users in Canada.

Although nothing can be said for sure, it could be that this warning has something to with the battery. Alternatively, the packages in question might be missing battery labels.

Neither Apple nor UPS have commented on the issue.

The AirPods Max over-ear headphones were unveiled on December 8 and released on December 15. They have many of the same features as the AirPods line and cost a hefty $549. The price tag doesn't seem to be a deterrent to demand, as some models were sold out within hours of the launch and shipping times for some variants have fallen to March

Some resellers on eBay are taking advantage of the situation by asking for up to $1,199 for delivery before Christmas.
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