Zynga game Draw Something now a Nokia exclusive for Windows Phone

Zynga game Draw Something now a Nokia exclusive for Windows Phone
If you love Windows Phone but also love the games Draw Something and Words With Friends, you best be getting a Nokia Lumia model. Two months after the game first appeared in the Windows Phone Marketplace, Draw Something is now an exclusive for Nokia's Windows Phone models. The game is similar to Pictionary as you and your faceless opponents trade drawings while guessing what the pictures represent. The game took off late last year and by this March it was so hot that it attracted the attention of Zynga, which bought OMGPOP for $180 million in order to catch that cash flow from the game. Unfortunately for Zynga and its shareholders, the transaction was closed at the peak of Draw Something's popularity and Zynga was forced to lay off 5% of its staff last week.

Another game from the Zynga lineup, Words With Friends, is also expected to be a Nokia exclusive for Windows Phone users. This is the Scrabble-like game that got Alec Baldwin in hot water with the FAA last year for refusing to turn off his Apple iPhone on a plane. Other anticipated Nokia exclusives include Angry Birds Roost, financial newswire Bloomberg, StyleSaint, YouSendIt, Michelin restaurant guide, and a Batman themed Foursquare app.

Currently, some of the apps available in the Nokia Exclusive section of the Windows Phone Marketplace include ESPN Hub, Weather Channel, PGA Tour, Groupon, AOL Entertainment Hub, and Viber. Overall, the entire Windows Phone Marketplace now has 125,000 apps which is far behind both Apple's App Store and the Android-tinged Google Play Store. Apple recently announced that it has 700,000 titles in the former while as of last June (the last date a figure was released) the latter had 600,000 apps under its roof.

source: DailyMobile 

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