Video-conferencing app Zoom’s CEO responds to allegations of relations to China

Video-conferencing app Zoom’s CEO responds to allegations of relations to China
Over the past couple of months, video-conferencing app Zoom has been under scrutiny, despite its growing popularity. The app was criticized for its privacy, security, and even accused of having relations with the Chinese government. These allegations started with Zoom’s reported mistake of routing some of its traffic through Chinese servers.

Zoom’s CEO, Eric Yuan, has addressed the allegations in a blog post, something that he was doing since all the criticism started. This time, he is addressing the accusations of Zoom being somehow related to China, that continued even when the routing issue was fixed by the company. Yuan states in his blog post that he has lived in the States since 1997 and has become an American citizen in July of 2007.

He adds that Zoom is an American company, founded in the States and headquartered in California. Additionally, he states that the company is multinational and has 21 offices around the world, in Europe, Australia, Japan and other countries. He also explains that they have 17 data centers, among which one is situated in China, but he underlines that it is run by an Australian company and geofenced, as well as that the data center ensures meeting data of users outside of China stays outside of China.

He finishes his blog post stating that their goal is to build a frictionless video-conferencing platform that will become a world leader with its security and seamless user experience.

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