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ZooGue iPhone Social Case Pro hands-on

ZooGue iPhone Social Case Pro hands-on
Not everyone is all about unloading a fortune for some kind of fancy and stylish case for the iPhone, and instead, they merely want something else that’ll cost them as little as possible – while still offering some sort of protection. Well, if you’re looking for just that, then the ZooGue Social Case Pro for the iPhone just might be what you’re looking for.

When it comes down to it, the ZooGue Social Case Pro (for the iPhone 4/4S/5) is an inexpensively priced tough case that’ll give some level of protection, but not to the point it’ll save it from severe drops. Just looking at them, they’re not brandishing any sort of style that would catch the eyes of bystanders. However, we do like how the thermoplastic polyurethane case manages to protect the smartphone from minor scratches and smudges – and maintains a very clean appearance. Furthermore, the thickness of the ZooGue Social Case Pro guards it from minor impacts too.

With its ridged sides, we like how it’s easily gripped in the hand and how it offers a very natural feel, which is aided by its rubbery like finish. And of course, there’s plenty of variety seeing that the case is available in 10 different colors. However, as we’ve clearly pointed out, there’s nothing too flashy with the looks of the ZooGue Social Case Pro. Rather, it’s the protection and $9.99 cost of the case that might attract some people to it.

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