Musubo iPhone 4/4S Cases hands-on

Musubo iPhone 4/4S Cases hands-on
Clearly, the iPhone is widely regarded as the most popular phone around, and with that title, there’s no shortage of cool looking cases for it. From cheap ones to those outfitted with glitzy jewels, there is a wide range of available offerings that no doubt will appease hardened searchers looking for the perfect one. However, we recently managed to get a close look at some remarkably designed cases for the iPhone 4/4S from a company called Musubo. For now, the name might sound unfamiliar, but once you check them out below, we’re certain that you’ll remember the name going forward.

Why’s that you ask? Well, they definitely have the wow factor to reel in our attention from afar. Rather than sporting some kind of boring design, with equally boring colors, these Musubo iPhone cases have a lot of love put into them. In fact, they’re no ordinary cases, as they combine form, function, and style, all into one neat package. Ranging from $30 to $35, they’re definitely up there in pricing compared to most other things, but seriously, they're simply just sweet looking enough to indulge on – something that’ll also attract plenty of attention. Oh yeah, most of them also come included with a pedestal stand to prominently show off your prized possession.

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