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ZTE teases its upcoming Windows Phone 8 model out of focus

ZTE teases its upcoming Windows Phone 8 model out of focus
With Samsung and Nokia already introducing their Windows Phone 8 lines, and HTC expected to do so on Wednesday, Chinese manufacturer ZTE is about to throw its hat in the ring. In a brilliant display of self-promotion, the company's own marketing strategy manager Dennis Lui put on his own Mr. Blurrycam disguise to snap a picture of three Windows Phone devices which he posted on China's Sina Wiebo social network. The one most visible is the ZTE Tania that appears to be runinng on Windows Phone 8, although there is speculation that it is the Windows Phone 8 simulator app from the Windows Phone Marketplace that is providing the look on the screen.

The phone in the middle appears to running a version of Windows Phone 7, perhaps Windows Phone 7.8. The only one of the trio that might truly be runinng Windows Phone 8 is the device on the left. Showing these phones together could be a sign that ZTE plans to continue offering Windows Phone 7 or Windows Phone 7.8 models even after it launches its Windows Phone 8 model.

In addition to  the fuzzy looking picture of the three phones, ZTE also released a picture of a Windows RT tablet. Unlike the Windows 8 tablets that has Intel Inside, and runs similarly to a laptop or notebook PC, Windows-RT tablets use an ARM based processor and run  like the typical Apple iPad or Samsung GALAXY Tab device. Those used to saving money with ZTE's low priced products should be able to get into Windows Phone 8 handsets or Windows tablets from ZTE and still have some money left over.

source: Weibo, Winp.cn (translated) via SlashGear

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