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You can now order COVID tests with DoorDash app

DoorDash, the service that lets you order whatever food your heart desires anywhere, anytime—with just a few taps on the DoorDash app—has soared in popularity lately. With millions resorting to take-out during the extended lockdowns, the app has accumulated over 11 million 5-star ratings in the App Store, making it a go-to delivery service which even opened its own DashMart online store chain last fall. 

DoorDash has recently decided to use the popularity and convenience of its services to begin delivering something other than fast food: COVID at-home testing kits. The first delivery service to do so, DoorDash is offering nasal swab and saliva sample kits to go along with your pizza and Coke, both of which show you your COVID status within 24-48 hours. 

The delivery service announced its partnership with Vault Health and Everlywell in a blog post 3 days ago, permitting to deliver their PCR test kits which cost $119 and $109, respectively, and may be covered by health insurance. The COVID tests are currently available at twelve DashMart locations across the U.S. but will continue to slowly roll out across the nation.

The Vault Health option is a saliva test requiring remote video supervision during sample collection, promising results within 48 hours after the kit is sent back to the lab. Everlywell's kit, on the other hand, is a nasal swab with 24-hour results and involves no supervision. While both kits are FDA-authorized, the blog post mentions Everlywell's isn't FDA-cleared or approved, while Vault doesn't specify.
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