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You can now preserve the camera settings of your iPhone, thanks iOS 10.2!


In case you've missed today's big Apple-related news, iOS 10.2 is already rolling out to all compatible iPhones. If you haven't downloaded it yet, make sure to head to Settings > Software update and request it manually.

Some of the more important new features that arrived alongside Apple's latest software update are a bunch of new Unicode 9.0 emoji, new Emergency SOS feature, one-time login, as well as the new TV app. However, there's now a minor new feature that we simply couldn't overlook since we've previously had gripes with its absence from iOS.

See, imagine that you flick out your iPhone and take a selfie. Okay? Now, if you lock the phone and then re-open the camera, it will launch in its default mode and not the last mode you used it in, i.e. selfie. The same applies to filters you apply, and so on - camera settings are not preserved after you close the app and lock your phone.

Enter iOS 10.2, which has a neatly hidden menu that lets you choose whether to preserve the camera's settings between or have them reset every time you open the camera app. 

You can choose whether to preserve the camera mode, the photo filter, or the Live Photo setting. We think these are all great and useful additions that should have made it to the OS earlier, but anyway, better late than never, right?

Oh, we almost forgot — to tinker with the new settings go to Settings > Photos & Camera > Preserve Settings and flick the corresponding switches. Happy selfie-taking!

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