Xiaomi and Apple were the top two global wearable shippers during the second quarter of 2017

According to analysis firm IDC, worldwide shipments of wearable devices rose 10.3% year-over-year during the second quarter of 2017. For the three-month period from April through June, a total of 26.3 million wearable units shipped. For the first time ever, basic wearable devices (which are those that don't run third party apps) had a year-over-year decline in shipments with an annual growth rate of -.9%. On the other hand (no pun intended), smartwatch shipments rose at an annual rate of 60.9% in the second quarter.

According to IDC's senior research analyst Jitesh Ubrani, consumers are making a transition to more feature filled wearables. GPS and health tracking are becoming the usual features found on smartwatches. For example, last year only 24.5% of intelligent timepieces came with GPS embedded. Today, that figure is at 41.7%.

For the second quarter of 2017, the top wearable shipper was Xiaomi, with its 3.5 million units shipped edging out Apple's 3.4 million for the period. The company's main wearable product is the $20 Xiaomi Mi Band fitness tracker. The latter carries a 20-day battery life and an IP67 certification rating. The wearable is equipped with a fitness, heart-rate and sleep monitor. Shipments grew 13.7% year-over-year to give the company a leading 13.4% of the wearable market.

As we pointed out, Apple's 3.4 million Apple Watch units delivered from April through June fell just shy of Xiaomi's shipments. But for Apple, it still represented an outstanding increase of 49.7% year-over-year from the 2.1 million watches that the tech titan shipped in Q2 2016. Apple now owns 13% of the wearable market. With its Apple Watch Series 3 expected to be unveiled on September 12th carrying an embedded SIM card and an LTE radio, this new Apple Watch variant will reportedly make and take calls and connect to the internet without having to pair to a user's iPhone. This model could help Apple surpass Xiaomi in the rankings by the end of this year.

In third place just behind Apple was Fitbit. While the company delivered almost the same number of wearable devices as Apple did during the three months of the second quarter, it fell just short and its 12.9% market share during the three-month period also was just shy of Apple's share of the wearables market. The second quarter of 2017 was a godawful period for Fitbit as the 3.4 million wearable units shipped by the company was a drop of 40.9% from the 5.7 million the company shipped during the same quarter last year. Fitbit is broadening its product lineup to include smartwatches. It recently unveiled its first smartwatch, the Fitbit Ionic. This transition means that Fitbit is losing focus, which just might be the reason behind its year-over-year struggle.

Garmin's 1.4 million wearable units shipped globally during the second quarter placed it fourth with a market share of 5.4%. During 2016's second quarter, Garmin had 1.5 million units in transit, which works out to a decline of 6.6% year-over-year. And the most improved performer in the second quarter among the top five wearable shippers globally was Fossil. The 1 million wearable units it shipped in the quarter was an impressive increase of 217.9% year-over-year. In 2016, Fossil delivered only 300,000 units. Its market share increased greatly from last year's 1.4% to this year's 4% share during the 2017 second quarter. Fossil's focus on fashion stores allowed it to do well with its smartwatches carrying the Michael Kors and Fossil names.

source: IDC



1. PhoneInQuestion

Posts: 496; Member since: Aug 20, 2017

*Insert spread-asscheeks comment from both sides here*

2. apple-rulz

Posts: 2198; Member since: Dec 27, 2016

Awesome job Xiaomi, Apple and Fitbit!

3. Klinton

Posts: 1409; Member since: Oct 24, 2016

As I've said many times: The smartwatch category is BS. And will die. At the most it will be very small niche, for most delusional tech snobs. The future is the smart-bands , if they are not (mostly) fitness devices, but also useful not only for fat ppl. Slim, elegant, functional ....and with good battery life. No need of power-hungry displays at all.

4. apple-rulz

Posts: 2198; Member since: Dec 27, 2016

I'll translate what you wrote; "Samsung is doing very poorly in the wearables market and that hurts me, so therefore the entire wearables market is BS".

6. Klinton

Posts: 1409; Member since: Oct 24, 2016

You are absolutely wrong. Samsung actually made the best smartwatch yet. Period. Samsung make smartwatches long before WallStreet to promote this 'category'. And if you read my comments from the past , I always have said that this 'smartwatch category' is BS. And that only well made smart-bands have some point and some future. Mark my words.

7. kiko007

Posts: 7518; Member since: Feb 17, 2016

You just don't know when to call a loss and loss, do you?

8. NoToFanboys

Posts: 3231; Member since: Oct 03, 2015

I'll translate what you have in mind: "Apple is doing very well in the wearables market and that makes me orgasm, so therefore the entire wearables market is great and flourishing".

10. TechieXP1969

Posts: 14967; Member since: Sep 25, 2013

Samsung fans dont buy Samaung products based on how many they sell. You Apple fools just don't get it. We don't care if you like anything Samsung makes...EVER. What you fools like you dont get is, Apple is not the bar if the success of a product. Sales are a metric taken in many ways. I like when Samsung Apple and anyone else has high sales, but they will never effect what i buy. I personally don't give a damn is Apple sells 100M Apple Watches, until they do what the Gear does I will never buy one. I domt eat at McDonald's because they sell the most hamburger. I eat there sometimes because I have a kid. Because sometimes I just want some quick cheap food and we can eat and be full for $20. Sales do not and never will always actually show how great a product is. All of Apples products are not popular. After all the Mac has onmy sold about 150M in its lifetime. HP has done it many times over. Apple sold a lot of watches. Great! Good for them. I'm happy for them. But like another poster said, I too feel smart watches are a solution to a problem we never had. They are toys that off minimum to zero benefit because they dont do anything phones dont do already. But sport bands and products that offer fitness capabilities lead the segment. Apple has fans who buy simply because it exists. Most are just using it to tell time. I bought the Gear mostly because it was a cool toy. And I found a use for it too. It provides a benefit Apple didnt. I wanted 3G. I wanted to be able to leave my phone at home and still get calls and texts. Apple didn't offer this so i tried an option thst did. I like I keep buying. Apple had a chabce5for my business and they blew it. Plain an simple. So now I have no need to wver buy one because Samsung had it first. Just because I'm not a total waster of money me And I have to be mad Apple sells a lot of something I personally don't want. I watch all tech whether I plan to buy it or not. There are a lot of list right now that Apple is barely or not on the list or recently got on list. If sales are the o my thing you can brag about, then you are a total and completed. Sales onmy matter in high numbers, if what you are buying is actually the best option, whether you like the option or not. Whether I like the Porsche or not, it is a better a better car vs a Camry, no matter how many Camrys, Toyota sales. Samsung wasn't on the list. It's a niche product in general and some OEMs will do better than others. Xiaomi is only leading because of their price point. They arent trying to sell one $350+option like Apple and Samsung. Cheap stuff with similar capabilities will outsell expensive options that do the same thing. It's why Windows Pcs dominate computers, Andeoid beats iOS. If sales matter to you so much, why are you as happy when Samsung is said to sell 300M phones, iver 100am+ above Apple? Or that Google Andeoid has been running Aandroid on a bil

11. TechieXP1969

Posts: 14967; Member since: Sep 25, 2013

billion device way before Apple and Apple hit the market first. Samsung wasn't on the list. So what! So why bring them up?

5. ibend

Posts: 6747; Member since: Sep 30, 2014

Apple get 1st place in wearable, and the title will be: "apple dominate wearable sector.." Apple get 2nd place and the title: "Xiaomi and Apple were top two..." Apple get 3rd place: "Xiaomi, fitbit, and apple were top three" and so on..

9. cmdacos

Posts: 4270; Member since: Nov 01, 2016

Apples watch has great functionality in a child's toy style package. Price cuts certainly helped steer the growth but there is value there.

12. cnour

Posts: 2305; Member since: Sep 11, 2014

How you know if the article is f**king Android lovers? Answer: Look to the size of Techie's comment.

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