XPERIA X2 may be the last Windows Mobile phone from Sony Ericsson?

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XPERIA X2 may be the last Windows Mobile phone from Sony Ericsson?
Say it ain't so! Windows Mobile fans around the world may cringe hearing about rumors that the XPERIA X2 may be the last phone from Sony Ericsson to use Microsoft's mobile operating system. We know how many manufacturers out there look to Windows Mobile powering their top of the line smartphones. Looking into Eldar Murtazin's Twitter page, from Mobile-review, he states that Sony Ericsson denied to support WM in the future with the X2 being possibly the last one to run it. So far it's just a rumor with no official word from Sony Ericsson about the matter. If there's any validity to these speculations, you need to look at some of their future devices like the Satio and XPERIA Rachael. The first one being powered by Symbian s60 and the other Android – both expected to be launched by the end of the year with no Windows Mobile on board.

Sony Ericsson XPERIA X2 Specifications | Preview




2. MTLance unregistered

lol, I bought my iPhone for $880 USD down in New Zealand and it was selling like hot cakes for sure. Maybe it was just Apple. But I don't see the point having the X1 when it was first released and the cheapest was $1,300 NZD cost like the iPhone 3GS back in the days and it even cost more than the iPhone 3G. What a fail the price for the X1 is only $550 what a real shame. And the 3G is still holding its value way better than the X1.

1. deepak_nr

Posts: 26; Member since: May 31, 2009

X1 did not fail in the market, Sony Eric failed to price it right, X2 is destined to fail because everyone believes it will be priced right out of prospective buyers wallet (the asking $800 at launch was like asking the sky, it should have been no more than $600 to sell well. And for the X2 a $500-$550 is a must anything higher and its murder for the company). Competitors these days don't sweat over a so called big SE launch as they know too well this company don't understand customers at all. The end of Sony Ericsson is getting real close. They will soon fall into their grave. Good bye SE,,,have a nice time in Heaven or where-ever you end up.

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