Would you prefer to see a Nokia UI or vanilla Android on the upcoming Nokia branded smartphones?

Would you prefer to see a Nokia UI or vanilla Android on the upcoming Nokia branded smartphones?
So, Nokia smartphones are coming back — cue the parties. And they won't be on Windows or Symbian — no, no, the Nokia brand will be using Android as the operating system for its handsets. And some rumors are already claiming that it will be the coveted near-stock experience.

As you most probably know, most manufacturers use a reskinned and modified version of Android for their smartphones in order to differentiate themselves on the market. Features, functions, and even the way the phone behaves are often played with to create a unique experience. Some people like it and gravitate towards the heavy interfaces of Samsung and LG, while others prefer the stock look and feel of Android without any extra tampering.

Nokia has already demonstrated that it's willing to experiment with the Android interface on their devices by pre-loading its proprietary Z Launcher on the Nokia N1 tablet that launched a couple of years ago. But will HMD go with a full-blown proprietary Nokia UI on the upcoming smartphones? And would you prefer to see that or would you rather the manufacturer just deliver a nice, clean version of Android instead?

Would you like the Nokia phones to have a proprietary UI or vanilla Android?

As clean of an Android experience as possible, please
I'm OK with some proprietary skins and features, but not too much
Go crazy with it, Nokia, I want to see an insanely feature-laden interface!

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