Would you pay $700,000 for an Apple iPad mini case?

Would you pay $700,000 for an Apple iPad mini case?
The Apple iPad mini is about to launch on Friday and as with any mobile device, you will need to protect it from the environment, drops, spills and other problems that can quickly kill that new device. One accessory that could protect your new purchase is a case. Usually, a case is a rather cost-effective way to protect your tablet, but the Natural Sapphire Company has one that will cost you $700,000. Why so expensive? It has an 18K high-polished white gold body with 3,328 natural Ceylon blue sapphires, just to start.

On the back of the case is the famous Apple logo made of 500 round diamonds with a total weight of 5 carats. The Natural Sapphire Company will happily put your monogram underneath the Apple in sapphires although we're not sure if that is extra. We guess if you have to ask how much it costs to add your initials to the case, it really isn't the one for you. In other words, you won't see this case on the rack at Best Buy. At $329 for each iPad mini, you could buy 2127 tablets instead of one case and have enough extra tablets on hand in case your "mini" gets damaged without a case to protect it.

The Natural Sapphire Company knows that the economy isn't going gangbusters and unless you're a famous movie star, athlete or CEO, paying $700,000 for this case is certainly a hardship. So what they are willing to do is to let you pay it off in three "easy" installments of $233,333.33. Do us a favor, after you take home the case, send us a photo with your new iPad mini firmly ensconced in its $700,000 home.

source: NaturalSapphireCompany via CNET

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