World Health Organization: Stay home and play games

World Health Organization: Stay home and play games
In a situation where every trip outside feels like a post-apocalyptic movie scenario and every sneeze could be considered a bio-weapon, many health organizations have offered their share of advice. And while washing your hands and wearing a facemask are the most obvious ones, now the World Health Organization is adding another non-conventional weapon to its antiviral arsenal. WindowsCentral reports that the agency encourages people to stay home and play games.

On Saturday, game developers from big companies like Ubisoft, Activision, Blizzard, and Zynga created an initiative called #PlayApartTogether. It aims to keep people entertained during the lockdown situation without the need to physically gather and put themselves or others at risk. Social distancing is considered the best measure against the spread of the coronavirus, and many countries are in a state of emergency and a lockdown.

The World Health Organization supports the initiative, believing it might help people deal with current restrictions. Game industry has a vast fanbase and through such initiatives it can “reach millions with important messages to help prevent the spread of COVID-19," said Ray Chambers, the WHO ambassador for global strategy in a statement.

Gaming platforms like Playstation, Xbox, Switch, and many others allow people to play online with friends, sharing the fun without physically meeting. Of course, if you’re not the console type, you can always challenge your friends on a round of Hearthstone on your smartphone or just release some steam obliterating enemies in PUBG Mobile. Having fun while staying safe is the most important part.

It is the perfect distraction during a crisis such as the present one, and can also help people feel more connected. Among the other game companies supporting the campaign are the Amazon App Store, Big Fish Games, Jam City, Twitch, and YouTube Gaming. So better grab the joypad, mouse or the smartphone, and hop into the action! As gamers say “Pandemic is temporary but Doom is Eternal!”.

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