Windows Phone 8 overview reveals what's new

Windows Phone 8 in-depth tour reveals what's new
There are more than a few things about Windows Phone 8 that we already know. After all, Microsoft did a good job at highlighting most of the significant improvements that will make it into the platform's next major release. There wasn't that much said about the minor tweaks, however, but thanks to the folks at Mobile Tech World, we now can take a sneak glimpse at Windows Phone 8 and see what else we might expect from it.

This in-depth tour of Windows Phone 8 was possible thanks to the Windows Phone 8 emulator, which was bundled with the recently leaked Windows Phone 8 Developer Preview SDK. We have Internet Explorer 10, Nokia Maps, and Microsoft Office under the spotlight, along with the platform's accessibility features, the improved lock screen, the new data usage monitoring application, and more.

Do not expect checking out Windows Phone 8 in person anytime soon, however. If recent rumors are to be trusted, the first WP8 smartphones won't be made official until September of this year. Besides, it might take until November until they are released on the market, although we hope that this is just a worst-case scenario.

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