Windows Phone 8 coming with microSD card support

Windows Phone 8 coming with microSD card support
Windows Phone 8 - yes, that’s what Windows Phone will evolve into after the Apollo update - is expected to come with plenty of new features, but probably one of the biggest novelties that went a little bit under the radar, is its support for microSD cards. Apart from multi-core processors and new screen resolutions which were expected, the support for expandable memory is a pleasant surprise.

This would mean that you can not only have more memory on your handset, but have a really quick and efficient way to transfer music and pictures between your phone and computer. Currently, you’d need to go through Zune or resort to fancy stunts as uploading or emailing pictures only to get them on your computer, and it’s even tougher to transfer your music without Zune.

Currently, that’s one of the features that makes Android stand out in what Microsoft wants to see as a “three-horse race” between iOS, Android and Windows Phone. And Google’s platform stands out with how easy it is to transfer files between devices without being locked in a particular piece of software like iTunes or Zune.

Now, how do you personally feel about having to deal with your phone via iTunes and Zune? Is that an easy way to exchange files between devices, or is the traditional drag and drop easier?

source: PocketNow


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