Windows Phone 7 interface ported to Android as a launcher

Windows Phone 7 interface ported to Android as a launcher
The Metro UI of Windows Phone 7 is arguably one of the best features in the new mobile OS, and the live tiles are Microsoft's solution to having information updated in real time on the homescreen of your smartphone. Android's idea for that same task are widgets, big and small. The "tiled" homescreen looks rather streamlined and uniform, and it was a matter of time that someone ported it over to Android. After all, why have an open, customizable mobile OS, if you can't hijack some of the good stuff in others.

That train of thought has been behind the "Windows Phone Android" app, which completely overhauls your Android interface to resemble WP7. It is still a work in progress, but knowing that it combines the Metro UI with the excellent Android status bar is like having the best of both worlds. It supports up to 256 tiles on the home screen, and apps can be uninstalled directly from the app list. There are a light and dark themes, together with the popular default blue, green, red and orange color schemes in Windows Phone 7.

Windows Phone Android is still in early stages of development, but there is a free version, if you want to take it for a spin. The $2.99 paid version will be having the tiles live and movable, the great WP7 hubs, as well as support for system notifications. The UI app is currently recommended for screens with WVGA resolution, as found on Windows Phone 7 devices, but you can still test drive it, if you have anything smaller than that. Have a peek at the video below, where the app is running on a T-Mobile Comet, and a Google Nexus One. Now if someone could port over Xbox Live, we want nothing else for the time being.

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