Windows Phone 7 Marketplace for mobile hits its first milestone - 1,000 apps

Windows Phone 7 Marketplace for mobile hits its first milestone - 1,000 apps
With it yet still to officially launch stateside, Windows Phone 7 is already marking its first milestone as the Marketplace for mobile has hit 1,000 apps so far. Sure that undoubtedly pales in comparison to the wealth of other platforms out there, but it's still nonetheless a resounding achievement for the newest platform on the block.

In fact, it basically took less than 3 weeks to reach that mark – which is far better than the 7 months it took the Windows Mobile Marketplace to do. As our European friends get their opportunity at checking out all the neat new stuff that Windows Phone 7 has to offer, we're sure that developers are hard at work in getting more apps in time for North America's launch.

In due time though, it'll be interesting to see how things pan out in the mobile landscape as the market embraces yet another key player.

via WMPoweruser


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1. samaki

Posts: 2; Member since: Oct 26, 2010

I will not buy another Windows phone again because HTC HD2 Window 6.5 cannot be upgrade to Window 7 with about 1000 apps is nothing compare to Apple and Android OS. What happen when Window 8 OS is coming out is it compatible with Window 7 apps. Window 6.5 was suck and stuck I have to turn off power and remove battery every time to clear memory after using internet.

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