Window Phone Blue update leaked from job posting

Window Phone Blue update leaked from job posting
Microsoft has listed a job posting that gives away some interesting information about a potential update to its Windows Phone OS. Microsoft seeks people for its Excel MX team. Microsoft's goal is to "deliver a compelling new Windows Phone version of Excel that is touch-optimized and targeted for the phone form factor." And while all of that is interesting, of course, the real nugget of information comes a bit later when the listing adds how the job entails helping Microsoft "realize the vision of building high quality excel app for Windows Phone Blue".

You might remember that near the end of last year we told you about Windows Blue and the possibility that this is a universal edition of the OS that would bring features like resizeable Live Tiles for tablets and the desktop. The earliest info about the update is that it could keep the Windows 8 name and be available for free.

The job posting is the first time that we've actually seen Microsoft itself mention any kind of update called "Blue" and also seems to confirm that the update will reach all the way to Windows Phone. 

source: Microsoft

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