Will your bent Apple iPhone 6 Plus get replaced for free?

Will your bent Apple iPhone 6 Plus get replaced for free?
When Antennagate affected Apple iPhone 4 users back in 2010, Apple sent out rubber bumpers for free, in order to prevent the user from having his body negatively affect the signal reception on the phone. But now, Apple iPhone 6 Plus users are dealing with Bentgate, which revolves around the propensity of the phablet to bend while resting in a user's front pocket. All of these units are under warranty.

Still, an Apple rep questioned about whether Apple would replace a bent iPhone 6 Plus, said that each unit will have to undergo a Visual Mechanical Inspection. If the unit passes, the handset will be exchanged for a free replacement. Otherwise, the phone's owner will be responsible for the cost of a new model. For Apple to cover the cost of a new unit, the bending has to be the result of unintentional behavior. So if you posted a video on You Tube demonstrating how you bent your iPhone 6 Plus, you might be out of luck.

Even before Bendgate started, the 4.7 inch Apple iPhone 6 was apparently outselling the 5.5 inch iPhone 6 Plus by a huge margin. Watching videos showing the iPhone 6 Plus turning into a clamshell phone is not going to change things. If you happen to own a bent model, you should probably contact Apple immediately with all of the documentation that you can provide. The aforementioned Apple rep says that "Apple is looking into this with an insane amount of detail."

source: TheNextWeb via BGR
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