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Will you be preordering the Galaxy S8, or the S8+? (poll results)


The Galaxy S8 and S8+ went up for preorder yesterday, and we asked you which one do you intend to get, or whether you are still on the fence. Surprisingly. most of those who intend to preorder, are gunning for the larger, 6.2" Galaxy S8+. Granted, its 83% screen-to-body ratio means that it is about the size of the Note 7, but it's still one pretty big handset. We'll see if that preference holds water after the first sales numbers, and whether it might present a challenge for Samsung, which is producing more Galaxy S8 than S8+ units for the initial batches. Unsurprisingly, the largest share of out 2494 respondents gravitate towards the "I'll wait and see" approach, but there will be plenty of early adopters for Samsung to justify its forecast that the S8 will sell more than the S7, it seems.

With the move to USB-C and the up-and-coming Univisium display aspect ratio, Samsung has managed to futureproof its 2017 flagships, in addition to waterproofing them. Moreover, with the presence of a high-res autofocus snapper for selfies, the only ho-hum aspect in terms of upgrades remains the main camera, which, however, didn't need much in the way of upgrading anyway. 

Thus, barring any subpar performances with call and image quality or battery life that might emerge, the Galaxy S8 and S8+ have seemingly achieved their goal to be the best phones money can buy in the Android universe, and Samsung seems so proud of its creations, that it has slapped a truly flagship $720 starting price on them. It, however, sweetens the preorder pot with a free Gear VR with motion controller, as well as a deeply discounted combo of AKG Y50BT on-ear Bluetooth set (a $150 value) plus a 256 GB microSD card. So, are you getting the Galaxy S8 and S8+?

Will you be preordering the Galaxy S8, or the S8+?

I'm getting the S8
I'm getting the S8+
I'll hold off until the first reviews, and then decide

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