Will the Apple iPhone 7 feature this game changing technology?

Will the Apple iPhone 7 feature this game changing technology?
According to a report published today, a small start-up company named Energous has shaken hands with Apple to bring its WattUp technology to the iPhone. Reportedly, Apple will have the exclusive rights to the technology, which allows devices to be charged wirelessly from distances as far away as 15 feet. The Energous chip is added inside a device and is so small that it won't affect the size of the phone.

The chip works with a transmitter that can be placed anywhere in a room. In other words, if the WattUp chip is placed inside the Apple iPhone 7, and you put a transmitter inside your office, your phone will spend most of the day charging. If you put a transmitter in your bedroom, it will charge wirelessly all night and even in the morning while you get dressed for work or school. If Apple has the exclusive for WattUp, it will also allow the company to garner a new source of revenue by selling the transmitters to those with WattUp enabled iPhones.

Energous has previously targeted 2016 or 2017 for the commercial launch of its product. If it is not included in the iPhone 7, it just might be found in the Apple iPhone 7s.

We should point out that neither Apple nor Energous have publicly disclosed that there is a partnership between them, which means that talk of an Apple exclusive is just that, talk. Louis Basenese of Disruptive Tech Research is the one who has found some evidence that Apple is involved with Energous. Early last year, the company signed a pact with an unnamed company described as being one of the top five consumer electronics firms in the world. Basenese used a process of elimination to come up with Apple as the unnamed company. He starts with a list of the five possible candidates, Apple, Samsung, HP, Microsoft, and Hitachi.

Whoever ends up with the technology, WattUp could be the thing that revives global smartphone sales in the neat future.

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source: Energous, NYPost

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