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Which of these OnePlus 5 prototypes would you rather have made it to be the final product?

It's no secret that phone manufacturers go through lots of prototypes and test a lot of options before deciding on a final design for a product. OnePlus, aspiring to be a serious and competitive phone slinger, naturally did the same. Co-founder Carl Pei said that the OnePlus 5 went through 100 different prototypes.

We saw some of them thanks to an exclusive report by The Verge. The writers were shown a bunch of OnePlus 5 designs that didn't make it to be the final product, and took a photo to show them to the world.

We can see a lot of different ideas woven in every phone on that table. We've got a classic OnePlus 3 look, just with a dual camera, a model that's inspired by the LG G5 (top left), and some that look like they've borrowed ideas from Huawei's P10 and the Nexus 6P (lower right). Arguably, only a few of them are as... blatant as the OnePlus 5's final form.

So, looking at all those metal slabs, which one would you have preferred to be the actual OnePlus 5 phone?

Which OnePlus 5 model would you have liked better?

I like the actual OnePlus 5 best
Option 1
Option 2
Option 3
Option 4
Option 5
Option 6
Option 7

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