Which foldable phone design do you prefer?

Which foldable phone design do you prefer?
To fold or not to fold? That is the question! Judging by how all the major players in the smartphone world race to dish out a foldable model this year, the future belongs to flexible screens and foldable phones. Or does it?

We’ve decided to ask you — our technology compass, the readers. Maybe you fancy a big, tablet-like foldable similar to the Galaxy Fold? Or you prefer the compact clamshell design of the RAZR and the Z Flip? Are you skeptical about flexible screens in general? It’s okay! Spare a few seconds and a mouse click with our poll below.

Which foldable phone design do you prefer?

Samsung Galaxy Fold type (Give me a big screen that can fold inward)
Huawei Mate X type (It doesn’t matter if it folds outward, it’s gorgeous)
Motorola RAZR type (I prefer a compact clamshell design)
I’m happy with a regular (non-folding) phone

Feel free to leave a comment and tell us about your opinion on the matter in more detail.


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