WhatsApp adds new "Last Seen" removal option

WhatsApp adds new "Last Seen" removal option
WhatsApp has just announced that it will be making some welcome improvents to its app's privacy policy, to include even more privacy-focused customization options. 

For a long time already, users of the messaging platform have had the option to turn off their "Last Seen" status for "Everyone," "Nobody," or only "My Contacts." This has certainly made the lives of many users easier, particularly those of us who like to take our sweet time reading and answering texts (without the person on the other end feeling all sorts of hurt or ignored).

It seems like many of the platform's estimated two billion monthly active users have been opting to make use of this comfort-providing feature, as WhatsApp has recently decided to add one more option to the above list: "My Contacts Except..." With the next update, users will be able to select specific names from their contacts to which they prefer not show their "Last Seen" status. 

Apart from being this specific with who can see your active status, WhatsApp is also extending the new privacy feature to allow you to choose who can see your profile photo, as well as your "About" status.

The upcoming privacy update was first discovered by WaBetaInfo, and although it hasn't been implemented by WhatsApp just yet, it will available on both the Android and iOS version of the app very soon. 

It's important to note that if you choose to turn off "Last Seen" for any or all contacts, you won't be able to see their active status, either—the feature always applies to both parties. 

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Since we're already on the privacy topic, just in case you didn't know, WhatsApp allows you to remove "Read" receipts on both text and voice messages, too. To do this, tap the three dots on the top right edge of the WhatsApp screen, then go to > Settings > Account > Privacy, and then turn off "Read receipts." Once activated, of course, this limitation goes both ways as well.

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