What's in the Glass: more details about Google's Project Glass surface

What's in the Glass: more details about Google's Project Glass surface
Google’s Project Glass has captivated our imagination recently with the amazing photographic options a wearable display provides and the unique point of view. And now we have even more details about the glasses with the first actual shot of them not being worn.

The images come from the Google Glass Walk from a couple of days ago in San Francisco, with even Sergey Brin taking part. 

The biggest novelty here is that on those close-up images you can actually get to see what's in the glass. Not clearly – it looks like menus, but we'll let you decipher it yourself. The eyeband itself seems to hold a camera shutter button and what we can see from the image is a small power button on the bottom of the side panel. There's also a microUSB port for charging the device.

The biggest news to take away from here though is that the design and everything else will probably change by the time this becomes a retail product:

“These are very early prototypes, mostly hand assembled and no where near what the final product will look like - so all those specs are likely going to change dramatically before they get close to even being in beta.”


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