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What our readers think of the Galaxy Note

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What our readers think of the Galaxy Note
The Samsung Galaxy Note is a strange smartphone. It quickly managed to become relatively popular with the geek public for a number of reasons. The first one is, of course, its giant 5.3" screen. This is still the largest screen in a device being marketed as a phone. Second comes Samsung's wild promo campaign for the handset which has practically made sure that even people who aren't Android fanatics are also aware of it. Third comes its S Pen stylus, designed for easier... note-taking. To top if off, the Galaxy Note actually comes with a beautiful screen and some very powerful hardware to guarantee the smooth operation of the Android platform. When you think about it, the Note is indeed a special device.

When the Galaxy Note launched, some loved it, others hated it. Thinking about this now - it's more than understandable. The Note sits on the very line dividing the phone and tablet categories, which is a risky place to be. Anyway, the Note did manage to accumulate a sizable following and is now among the hottest products in Android land.

With that in mind, we wanted to see exactly what our readers think of this intriguing device. Guess what, after checking out some of the user reviews posted on our site, we found out that users actually love the Galaxy Note, even rating it much higher than we did! Below, we are featuring some of the best Galaxy Note user reviews posted on our site. Enjoy!

You can read all of our international Galaxy Note user reviews here, and our AT&T Galaxy Note user reviews here.

Now, what about you? Do you love, or do you hate the Galaxy Note? How would you rate it? You can share your opinion in the comments below, but of course, you can also post a user review of your own!

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