What is wrong with this ad?

What is wrong with this ad?
Remember when you were a kid and every month you would get excited when the new Highlights came to you via the U.S. Mail?  Some of you quickly opened up the magazine to read about bi-polar disease in the form of those twins, Gofus and Gallant. Gallant was the do-gooder, helping the single Mother across the street while carrying her groceries and showing her how to copy and paste on the iPhone 3GS. Gofus was the Yang to Gallant's Yin. He would be more likely to kick an old lady's cane out from under her, steal her groceries, and replace her Jitterbug with a Motorola BACKFLIP. Other features included the Timbertoes, a nuclear family made out of wood, and a picture where you had to find certain items hidden in the drawing (Find a Chipmunk's head, a Palm Pre Plus buyer, etc.). Well, speaking of finding something in a picture, we bring you what appears to be an advertisement branded with the T-Mobile name, for the myTouch 3G. There is a major mistake in the copy, brought to the attention to Tmo News by a sharp eyed-reader. Can YOU find the mistake in this ad?

T-Mobile myTouch 3G Specifications | Review

source: TmoNews

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